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07-30-2011, 10:15 AM
Admittedly, Troy Polamalu didn't intimidate the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV.
Typically, the hard-hitting safety delivers blows that shift momentum. But his shots that night were weakened by a myriad of nagging injuries, including a partial tear of an Achilles tendon that resulted in an uneven performance in the 31-25 loss.

For Polamalu, it didn't matter that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger shouldered the blame again Friday, saying, "I told everyone it's my fault we lost the Super Bowl."
Polamalu agonizes over his subpar effort.

"I didn't play very well, and we can leave it at that," he said. "I've played some of my best games injured."

Polamalu still isn't where he wants to be physically, but the 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year showed no signs of a tender Achilles before yesterday's practice at St. Vincent College.

"I'm not 100 percent yet," said Polamalu, who had only three tackles in the Super Bowl. "But I'm inching in on it. Sometimes, when something doesn't require surgery, it actually takes a lot longer to heal. So, the lockout helped my injury. I didn't have to push too fast."

Polamalu doesn't necessarily agree that reducing practice to once a day will affect the Steelers. However, it's a rule change that could save his already battle-torn body, which was slowed some the past two seasons, including a strained posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in 2009.

"(Coaches Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin) did a good job of taking care of us," said Polamalu, who had 63 tackles and seven interceptions in an injury-plagued 2010. "In my opinion, it was to our competitive advantage to have a schedule similar to what we have now. We were physically more prepared than some teams, especially with the style of football we have now. It will be interesting to see how it works. A lot of coaches might be in panic mode because they're not used to this type of schedule.
"It's still a month before opening day, so I'm trying to peak at the right time," said Polamalu, who likely won't suit up against the Washington Redskins in the preseason opener Aug. 12.

Polamalu had more time than he expected to work himself into shape. At 30, he also had time to think about life after football. The lockout, coupled with classroom assignments and fatherhood, put a lot of things in perspective — including the Steelers' three Super Bowl appearances in the past six seasons.

"I definitely didn't appreciate winning one (Super Bowl) until I lost one," said Polamalu, who this season will earn $6.4 million in the final season of a five-year, $33 million deal. "It has made us a hungrier team than we've been previously."

Nothing has shaped Polamalu's perspective more than his family and desire to become an educator. The 16th overall pick out of Southern Cal in 2003 said the lockout helped him earn his college degree.

That lack of accreditation "hung over his head' for a long time. He found it increasingly difficult to lecture kids about the value of an education without having finished college.

"It gives me a little clout to talk about what I believe," he said. "I always wanted to be a secondary or high school teacher. Now, I have two more years of school to get my teaching credential. I was told you don't need (credentials) for private schools — or if I substitute."

The Steelers have discovered there's no substitute for a physically fit Polamalu, a painful reality after a gut-wrenching Super Bowl defeat.

From the Trib (http://www.steeleraddicts.com/forum/Time%20heals%20Steelers%20vet%20Polamalu%27s%20wou nds%20-%20Pittsburgh%20Tribune-Review%20http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/steelers/s_749192.html#ixzz1Tb8XwfZh)

07-30-2011, 10:17 AM
I think I would give my right arm, and maybe my left foot to have Polamalu healthy for an entire season. Something always seems to happen midway through the end and he ends up starting to sit out games and before you know it he's back to the "I'm trying to heal up for the playoffs" Troy that we've seen the last couple years.

07-30-2011, 12:38 PM
I keep saying it: Rest him for the first four games of the season and/or both games against Cincinnati (we always seem to lose players to those chodes).

07-30-2011, 12:59 PM
peak about week 3, IR by week 11...

07-30-2011, 01:07 PM
peak about week 3, IR by week 11...

Pretty much. Polamalu and Smith are unofficial cheerleaders by the end of the season.

07-30-2011, 01:42 PM
peak about week 3, IR by week 11...

Week 11? I don't even give him till week 8.

07-30-2011, 02:20 PM
He's got to be due an injury free year surely, hoping this is it. He looked great at the start of last season. Still got it. Achilles are a nightmare though, had my bicycle crank go into mine about 12 weeks ago, and although nothing is separated it's still sore and is a nightmare to run on!

07-30-2011, 02:29 PM
I'd chop off my balls to keep Troy Polamalu healthy! *runs to the kitchen and grabs a cleaver*

07-30-2011, 03:01 PM
I'd chop off my balls to keep Troy Polamalu healthy! *runs to the kitchen and grabs a cleaver*


Troy is annoyingling good!

07-30-2011, 03:22 PM
I want to see him have a injury free year to show what he can do and how good he really is....

Black@Gold Forever32
07-30-2011, 04:54 PM
I'm so sick of Troy and his injuries.....Mr. Fragile is never 100%.........Really would like to move on but there is nobody on the roster to replace his soft ***....

07-30-2011, 05:09 PM
I'm so sick of Troy and his injuries.....Mr. Fragile is never 100%.........Really would like to move on but there is nobody on the roster to replace his soft ***....

I love that you said this because I did a while back and got flamed but you are 100% spot on.

07-30-2011, 06:00 PM
Troy's" hell bent for election" style of disregarding his body makes him more prone to injury.I really don't know what he could do to to prevent them .

07-30-2011, 06:51 PM
Wow. Still not 100% He needs to dial it back just a tad, play maybe 90-95% every game, so that he can ramp it up to 100% when necessary. This D is so different (and sub-par) when he's not right.

07-30-2011, 06:55 PM
I would'nt call him soft he plays with abandon that's why he gets hurt so often so he has to adjust his style a bit or it will be the same ol' situation .

07-30-2011, 07:14 PM
His injuries linger because he don't believe in modern medicine.

07-30-2011, 07:22 PM
Troy is the best and most talented player in the NFL.....when he's healthy, which isn't very often. Part of being a great player is keeping yourself injury free. Not a coincidence that Peyton, Favre, and Brady are always healthy (except for one season between the three of them). If Troy can't find a way to be on the field, it will be a quick exit from the NFL and no HOF for him. I don't know if he needs to tone it down or what the answer is....but he has to change. Right now, he can't stay healthy more than 3 weeks.

07-30-2011, 09:41 PM
He plays with little fear of personal injury, truly a warrior.

07-30-2011, 10:15 PM
He plays with little fear of personal injury, truly a warrior.

Not true, he blesses himself so much because he fears getting hurt.

Black@Gold Forever32
07-30-2011, 11:03 PM
I love that you said this because I did a while back and got flamed but you are 100% spot on.

Man I don't know if you remember 2007 but I was bashing Troy on a regular basis back then and took a ton of heat for it....Troy isn't one of my favorite Steelers and never has been......I think he is the most over-rated player in the NFL....I have read that people think he is the best player period in the NFL...lol I'll maybe give him best safety when he is fully healthy....I agree our D suffers without him but the Steelers better start finding a replacement since Troy can't stay healthy......He is a great player don't get me wrong but it doesn't matter if he can't stay healthy.....

07-30-2011, 11:17 PM
TP was not the only long in the tooth player on the SB squad last year. The big man hisself barely had a foot left. Can only hope Ben is healthy too.

07-31-2011, 10:50 AM
I've been saying this all offseason; Troy's contract is up next year and this is the time when the Steelers usually start talking about extending the deal of a key player. Now, this offseason has been different than any other and it's possible they may have tried to get him inked long term had the lockout not been in the way.

Perhaps they still will, it would offer some cap relief for 2011, however it's more than possible that they could play a wait and see approach with Troy. If he makes it through the 2011 season healthy and has an impact then you resign him for 2012. If not then you cut ties with him, but either way they better draft a top flight Safety soon because he won't last forever.

07-31-2011, 12:44 PM
His injuries linger because he don't believe in modern medicine.

Or squats and deadlifts. :lol:

08-01-2011, 11:23 AM
Troy Polamalu is less concerned about when he will sign a contract extension with the Steelers and more concerned how his rehabilitated Achilles tendon will hold up once the regular season begins.
Polamalu, the NFL's defensive player of the year in 2010, was on the field at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe Sunday for the first practice in pads at training camp -- a good sign for the Steelers' five-time Pro Bowl safety.

But that does not mean Polamalu is fully recovered from a partially torn Achilles that appeared to limit his effectiveness in the postseason and the Super Bowl. Polamalu did not need surgery to repair the injury, but the rehabilitation process took longer than expected because the tendon had to heal on its own.

"It went well," Polamalu said. "It's always advantageous [when you don't have surgery]. But it's a disadvantage that it takes time for nature to take its course."
Asked when he started to feel he was close to being 100 percent recovered, Polamalu said, "I don't think it's there yet, but it's pretty close to being there."

http://metrics.post-gazette.com/b/ss/pittpgcom/1/H.9-pdvu-2/s16510933527063?[AQB]&ndh=1&t=1/7/2011%2011%3A21%3A8%201%20240&ns=pittsburghpostgazette&pageName=steele0801%247&g=http%3A//www.post-gazette.com/pg/11213/1164348-66.stm&r=http%3A//www.post-gazette.com/steelers/&cc=USD&ch=Sports&events=event1&h1=Sports%2C%20Steelers%2C%20Steelers%20stories%2C %20steele0801%247&v2=steele0801%247&c3=Article&v3=Sports&c4=Cofax&v4=Sports%2C%20Steelers%2C%20Steelers%20stories%2C %20steele0801%247&c5=Sports%2C%20Steelers%2C%20Steelers%20stories%2C %20steele0801%247&c8=Data%20Not%20Available&c9=Data%20Not%20Available&v9=www.post-gazette.com&c10=Data%20Not%20Available&c11=1164348&v11=Data%20Not%20Available%20-%20Data%20Not%20Available%20-%20Data%20Not%20Available&c12=Polamalu%20will%20pace%20himself%20in%20camp%2 0as%20Achilles%20tendon%20continues%20to%20heal&c13=By%20Gerry%20Dulac%2C%20Pittsburgh%20Post-Gazette&c21=Less%20than%207%20days&c22=www.post-gazette.com&pid=Main%3A%20Steelers%20home%20page&pidt=1&oid=http%3A//www.post-gazette.com/pg/11213/1164348-66.stm&ot=A&s=1280x1024&c=24&j=1.3&v=Y&k=Y&bw=1091&bh=758&p=Exceed%3BQuickTime%20Plug-in%207.6.8%3BQuickTime%20Plug-in%207.6.9%3BActiveTouch%20General%20Plugin%20Cont ainer%3BJava%20Deployment%20Toolkit% Move%20Streaming%20Media%20Player%3BGoogle%20Updat e%3BShockwave%20Flash%3BShockwave%20for%20Director %3BJava%28TM%29%20Platform%20SE%206%20U26%3BSilver light%20Plug-In%3BWindows%20Presentation%20Foundation%3BAdobe%2 0Acrobat%3BMicrosoft%AE%20DRM%3BWindows%20Media%20 Player%20Plug-in%20Dynamic%20Link%20Library%3B&[AQE]
Probably not what anyone was hoping to hear from Polamalu, who was robbed of his trademark explosiveness in the postseason because of the injury. After a regular season in which he led the team with seven interceptions and sparked the run to the postseason with his big strip-sack in Baltimore, Polamalu was not his usual disruptive and omni-present self in the playoffs. It seemed especially apparent in the Super Bowl when the Green Bay Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers tore through the Steelers secondary with ease, passing for 304 yards and three touchdowns.

Polamalu injured his Achilles when he dove for the end zone after an interception return for a touchdown against the Cincinnati Bengals on Dec. 12. He missed two games, then returned for the season finale in Cleveland and had two more interceptions.

But he was never the same.

Polamalu spent the offseason in the care of an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles who is friendly with the Steelers medical staff, allowing them to monitor his progress. He may not be 100 percent just yet, but he expects to be in time for the regular season.
Just to be sure, he said he will be cautious in training camp. "Definitely before the regular season," Polamalu said. "The big test is coming out here and doing football movements. It's hard to simulate movements by yourself."

The preseason, he said, "is a different speed. But the risk is still there for injury.
"It's like any other injury, really. There's always a chance to re-injure. But that's what constant rehab and constant maintenance is for."

And that's what the preseason is for, though, in this instance, Polamalu will tread carefully until the Sept. 11 game in Baltimore. There is no way any preseason game can simulate the speed of a regular-season game, especially one against the Ravens.
Asked if the injury took longer to heal than he expected, Polamalu said, "I never had one before so I didn't really know what to expect."

Polamalu's contract -- a four-year extension worth $30.19 million that he signed in July 2007 -- expires after this season. He and the Steelers would like to sign another long-term deal that would keep him with the team probably until he retires. But that will have to wait.

The Steelers' top priority is to get a long-term contract for outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley, who was designated the team's franchise player.
Before they do that, they will try to restructure the contracts of five players this week in an attempt to get under the salary cap of roughly $120 million by Thursday. If they do that, the Steelers believe they will not have to release any more players on their roster to save money.

Maybe then they can go to work on getting a new deal for Polamalu.
"This lockout, they have other things going on," Polamalu said. "I'm not too worried about it. They've been more than fair to me. It's been a good relationship."

From the PG (http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/11213/1164348-66.stm#ixzz1Tn6Waezd)

Mean Linebacker
08-01-2011, 05:44 PM
I really like Troy, I think he is still one of the best Safeties in the NFL. His dedication to training in the off season is second to none, but perhaps his wreckless abandon play style is starting to catch up with him. Guys like him don't last forever in the NFL anymore, your body just can't take the pounding year after year without eventually starting to give out.

08-01-2011, 07:33 PM
These guys will be a work in progress this year, but I do agree that if situations present themselves where the Steelers are up big in the 4th quarter (more than 17 points), then by all means take out Troy, Harrison, and use Mundy, Worilds, etc.

08-02-2011, 01:00 AM
I say rest him the whole preseason. But you can't rest him the first four regular season games, we've lost against terrible teams when he isn't on the field, he makes that defense.

Real Deal Steel
08-02-2011, 02:47 AM
I'm a little concerned now. He's still not healthy????

08-02-2011, 02:52 AM
Problem is now eveyone else knows it too.

Farrior Fan
08-02-2011, 08:17 AM
Problem is now eveyone else knows it too.

They would have noticed 1/2 way through the first play in Baltimore, he is a totally different player when he is 90% rather than 100%