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07-26-2011, 10:22 AM
Looking for some advice. I've been taking my kids to Steelers camp the last few years, but always to Saint Vincent in the afternoons. Due to our schedule this year, the only practice we can make is the night one at Memorial Stadium. I know how to find it, the practice is at 7pm, and that gates open at 5pm, but I need some insider info....

Can the kids still get autographs at this practice? Any advice on when and where to set-up for their best opportunity?
Do they sell merchandise there? Same stuff I'd find at SVC? Footballs for autographs or hats, etc?
Gates open at 5pm. Do I need to be there earlier? Does a big line form and rush the grounds like at SVC?
I'm assuming I'll just throw a blanket on the bleachers to save our seats. How's bleacher etiquette there?
Can we eat there? Can I bring food in?

Thanks! Andy

07-26-2011, 10:31 AM
The night practice is the best place to get autographs. All the fans line up around the fence surrounding the practice field and the players walk over and sign for as long as they can. You can bring footballs, towels, pictures, helmets, whatever. I would bring your own black or gold sharpie just to be safe even though the players will usually have them when they are walking around. Depending on where you stand will determine how many and which players come over. There's not really a set spot to get the best autograph since the players just scatter out along the fence and start working their way around. Last year we got Troy Polamalu, William Gay, Tuff Harris, Danny Sepulveda, and Ryan Clark I believe.

You definitely want to get there early and secure a place around the fence so you can be right up against it and not have to push your way forward to get your item out for them to sign. We didn't bother sitting on the bleachers but you certainly can. We just stayed along the fence and walked around the outside during the practice. Fans there are generally pretty cool, just like at training camp at the college. I wouldn't leave a purse or personal belongings left attended, but that's pretty much anywhere.

There are food vendors there so you can eat. You can buy some stuff at the night practice but not quite as much as you can get at SVC, merchandise wise.

08-01-2011, 10:05 AM
Thanks BRC! (Posted this comment on 4 different Steelers boards and you're the only one that repsonded. Appreciate it!)

08-01-2011, 10:20 AM
Come early and go hang at the park in the back, bring bikes you can ride around to beat the traffic. I grew up playing my little league ball there it's a super nice area..

Man I miss home!lol