View Full Version : It is Official. The NFL even admits you Suck.

06-14-2011, 07:45 PM
Right from the mouth of the NFL itself: "Our condolences if you were born into these franchises"...

6. Detroit Lions

5. Minnesota Vikings

4. Tennessee Titans

3. Cincinnati Bengals

2. Buffalo Bills

1. St. Louis Rams

The article may be a little bland for Steeler Addicts whom I am more than sure could have a more correct deduction here. Geezus Comish. Know much about your teams.

Everybody that even remotely knows what a football looks like knows that the Baltimore Ravings are hands down the worst team and the fans are the biggest losers the world. Why are they not on this list? Could be Goodbell has a connection to his favorite team? What ever that is. And here is the all time fans that just should not have been born for this team. That would be the Cleveland Stains. Mistake by the Lake is to fn kind.

NFL. Great acronym waitin to be made here.