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01-07-2007, 02:55 PM
This is one of my favorite meals. I learned to make it WAY back in the day at my first job in a restaurant. It's pretty simple really but damn is it good.

Go to your local grocery store and get the large filets of boneles/skinless chicken breast. How much you get depends on how many people you'll be feeding, but I always get alittle bit more because it's great for leftovers too.

You can make it on the grill or in the oven, really doesnt matter but I think it tastes better when you make the chicken on the grill. OK here we go...

Marinate the thawed chicken in Catalina dressing for atleast 12 hours in the refrigerator.


1. Cook the chicken on the grill, just like you'd normally do, pretty self explanatory, and baste it periodically with the dressing.

2. While the chicken is cooking, pour in 3 Large bottles of Kraft Catalina Dressing (again depends on how much chicken you're making) into a big pot and put it on low heat to warm up the dressing.

3. After the chicken is cooked, cut it up into small bite size (maybe a couple inches in diameter at the most) and put it into the pot with the warmed up dressing. Move the heat up to medium low so it just barely simmers. You don't want it too hot or you'll burn the dressing. Just continuously stir every few minutes and let it marinate while it stays in the heated pot for atleast 30 minutes while stirring. You can add more dressing to the pot while it's cooking if need be.


Works best if you use real mashed potatoes made from scratch, however the instant ones you can find in the freezer aisle of your favorite grocery store work good too. We usually use the Ore-ida brand frozen mashed potatoes because it's easier to make them, and quicker.

The amount of velveeta cheese depends on how much potatoes you are planning to make. We usually make 2 bags of the potatoes (the ones I mentioned above) and use half of a full size block of velveeta. If you use the instant ones I mentioned just cut up the velveeta block of cheese into small/thin slices and put it right into the mashed potatoes while they cook. If you make them from scratch, just drop the cut up slices of velveeta into your mashed potatoes while you stir/mash them up.

The potatoes need to stay hot while you serve otherwise they will get VERY thick; so much so that you almost can't eat them so keep that in mind.

We usually serve this dish with some greenbeans or corn, but you can use whatever vegetable you prefer.

Trust me it's really good, and super easy to make. Leftovers are great too because you can put the chicken/dressing into a container and stick it into the fridge and eat it hot or cold.

House of Steel
01-07-2007, 03:20 PM
Sounds fantastic, Matt. I will definitely have to try this one out.

01-07-2007, 03:31 PM
Chicken,Chesse, and Potatoes my 3 favorite things in one wow sounds good

01-07-2007, 03:39 PM
It's really so easy to make, once you make it once and see how you like it, you can tweak it as you like to add more or less velveeta, more chicken, etc.