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K Train
04-21-2011, 11:18 AM
Round 3 is in the works, 3 rounds is a bitch to complete though.

Round 1

1. Carolina (2-14) – Cam Newton• Cam Newton has unreal potential, his size, arm, speed, and just natural ability of making plays is unreal. Hes also very raw and this is so risky to take him #1…I like cam, I really do. I like him more than I liked Jamarcus (I hated jamarcus) and I like him more than I liked vince young and I like vince young as a top 10 pick…but newton could potentially bust hard in Carolina where theres gonna be pressure on the coaches to play him now. Peterson should be this pick, but CBs wont win games and they wont put people in seats.

2. Denver (4-12) –Marcel Dareus• This pick is a lock imo, he fills a huge need, is a fine player, a safe pick, and is scheme versatile. Slam dunk pick, and I think it is a good one.

3. Buffalo (4-12) –Von Miller• Best pass rusher in the draft from a LB standpoint, he can play LB in a 43 with sideline to sideline range and be in coverage and still be able to attack the QB, or can play a 34 OLB role and be a primary pass rusher. The bills wanted newton, but decide to pass on Gabbert. They have made it known they are OK with Fitzpatrick at QB for now, no point in reaching for a project qb with so many holes elsewhere too.

4. Cincinnati (4-12) – Julio Jones• This is the best WR in the draft imo, but even if Green is better I think this is the best fit for them. The uncertainty of the QB leads me to think not only will there be a short passing game involved in the cincy offense but a ton of running. Jones has the ability to do work after the catch because hes no fun to tackle, he can stretch the field, and hes a crushing run blocker….it hurts me to see him go to the Bengals…my favorite WR prospect since calvin.

5. Arizona (5-11) – Patrick Peterson• Best player in the draft and they get him at 5…he and DRC are both VASTLY different but will allow the cards to do so much with their front 7, and if Obrien schofield returns to form this year it could add another pass rushing dynamic to the defense and make the 2 playmakers at CB even better.

6. Cleveland (5-11) – AJ Green• They wouldn’t pass on green here. He would instantly be the best player at the position for them and give colt mccoy a chance to shine big with a big time target.

7. San Francisco (6-10) – Blaine Gabbert• Not quite sure where to place gabbert since I think hes certainly a top 10 pick, but I don’t have him ranked in my top 40 players. Harbaugh takes a big chance here with Gabbert but it gives himself a potential franchise QB to work with

8. Tennessee (6-10) – Nick Fairley• This pick is a lock to me, they need interior line help, Fairley just put together a monster year but I cant see any team taking a chance on him before here…he will fit well in their defense.

9. Dallas (6-10) – Tyron Smith• Played RT at USC but has serious LT potential, especially if hes able to keep his weight up around 315 and play his rookie year like that. Freakishly strong, insanely long arms, and real light on his feet. He can play RT with the cowboys and eventually go to the left. Risky pick and not quite the top tackle prospect weve seen the last 5 years but a potential stud and imo the best offensive prospect that USC has had since reggie bush

10. Washington (6-10) – Robert Quinn• The skins don’t necessarily want to make this pick, they might have to though. They need WR and QB but its not every year you have the top pass rusher fall to you in double digits (for the skins its every other year since orakpo did 2 years ago). Quinn and Orakpo has legendary duo potential.

11. Houston (6-10) – Prince Amukamara• They jump on this guy immediately. After spending a first on kareem Jackson and throwing him into the fire, he disappointed. I still think he will be a good player, but amukamara makes him a better one and gives the Texans a nice duo of CBs for the next half dozen years.

12. Minnesota (6-10) –DaQuan Bowers• After bowers freefall the Vikings take a chance on him. Not the elite pass rusher he was made out to be but a good power and and will compliment jared allen nicely. The Vikings are known for having a good dline and with the everson griffen experiement failing, this is their best pick.

13. Detroit (6-10) – Cameron Jordan• King Suh made everyone better last season…avril and KVB are bodies on the dline without suh getting all the attention, with him there they had career years. Jordan is not a great fit for the lions 43 but hes a talented player and could play power end for them, and on passing downs slide into DT (where SLH doesn’t offer much as a pass rusher) him and suh next to each other will just be too much.

14. St. Louis (7-9) – Corey Luigit• I believe hes a legit top 20 talent and the ebst interior dline available (for a 43). The rams could go a number of directions here but with the top WRs off the board and the top pass rushers I think the interior dline is their best bet,

15. Miami (7-9) – Ryan Mallet• Toughest QB to place, I do think hes a good fit in Miami. They have a franchise LT in place so they don’t have worry about their rookie signal caller getting david carr’d which with mallets mobility they need, they have a good run blocking line (with RB a ???) and they have a stud WR who can be the possession guy as well as get down field. I don’t know how Michigan players felt about mallet, but maybe jake long has some good things to say about him?

16. Jacksonville (8-8) – Ryan Kerrigan• I don’t think Kerrigan is a first round talent, hes a first round effort though…theres no quit in him, his game is going to HAVE to be refined at the pro level but he does offer some versatility when it comes to scheme and a player that never quits helps everyone else be better.

17. New England - from Oakland (8-8) –JJ Watt• New England has a decent project for a 5 tech fall to them here, I think Watt will fit in good for their hybrid defense and he will probably get much much better as the years go on and hes needed for a more prominent role as a key part of their dline. Despite Tom Condon being his agent I think the pats pull the trigger on Watt.

18. San Diego (9-7) – Gabe Carimi• They need a RT and get a stud in carimi…hes such a good fit for their system and will give the chargers the RT they’ve been missing since olivea was suspended for roids and give ryan Matthews an excellent blocker on the right side to run behind.

19. New York Giants (10-6) – Mike Pouncey• They are having some trouble with their guard/center situation as far as injuries go and Pouncey gives them an athletic blocker on the interior to make up for that. This kind of athlete is rare for an interior lineman and will really help out against their divisions talent on the dline.

20. Tampa Bay (10-6)- Aldon Smith• Aldon smith gives the bucs the pass rusher they’ve been lacking…they addressed the interior last year and being that he makes a full recovery this year, smith and mccoy should be a key to their very young teams success in the near future.

21. Kansas City* (10-6) – Phil Taylor• I think the chiefs pick up taylor here in order to further move forward in their transition to a 34. Hes a perfect NT and will make Dorsey play even better at DE, and hopefully bring Tyson Jackson to where he should be as a DE.

22. Indianapolis* (10-6) – Anthony Castonzo• They are playing miserably at LT in indy and for a passing team it will almost certainly be addressed in the first round….both castonzo and solder are good fits for their quick passing offense but castonzo is much more of a sure thing.

23. Philadelphia* (10-6) – Jimmy Smith• The eagles have gotten away with smaller secondary guys the last few years, and despite having one of the best CBs in the game they also have suffered from that small secondary just not being physical enough even when they try to be. Jimmy smith will bring a big, physical presence to the eagles defense. He has a lot of technique work to do but as a rotational guy as a rookie he should be able to get a good jam, make some plays, and come up in run support.

24. New Orleans* (11-5) – Stephen Paea• They did just sign rodgers as their NT, but rodgers, paea, and ellis is a nice rotation for as long as rodgers will last there (which i doubt is very long) I think paea will play very well as a NT in a 43, playing next to any kind of impact 3 tech he can definitely be effective. He and Sedrick Ellis should be a nice interior duo for a while and make ellis even more effective.

25. Seattle* (7-9) – Jake Locker• Im rolling the dice here but it seems so perfect, locker is my #1 QB this year and he would have been last year…the hawks wanted clause at 13 last year until earl Thomas fell to them…they see much of locker in Washington, hes got a big arm, hes got wheels on him, and hes a perfect fit for their wco. Maybe sit a year or two but he could be the future of their franchise. Sitting behind hasslebeck and Whitehurst for a year or two could be the difference between being alex smith and aaron Rodgers…jmo

26. Baltimore* (12-4) – Cameron Heyward• This is the pick because in my personal experience, if I love player in the draft process, that means they are certain to be a Raven…ngata, oher, rice….and now heyward as one of my favorite prospects of the year that gets to wear a ravens jersey. It is a big need for them anyway to get younger on defense and build around ngata….the line of ngata, cody, and heyward is one hell of a future dline

27. Atlanta* (13-3) – Adrian Clayborn• Since the Jamaal Anderson expeience is officially a fail, they need some youth at DE and clayborn would be a nice fit along Abraham and jerry. He can move all over the line, and with his block shedding ability playing DT on passing downs is certainly a possibility.

28. New England* (14-2) – Nate Solder• Probably the ideal spot for him, if they work him in like they did for Volmer, they will have their bookends for the next decade AND have the two most freakishly athletic white guys in the league.

29. Chicago* (11-5) – Marvin Austin• Typical pick here is oline, but Marvin Austin has helped himself as much as anyone this offseason with a nice series of dominant workouts, being in good shape, coming in at a good weight, and overall showing a great amount of commitment. Lovie tends to go defense in the draft and putting a distruptive player in there like Austin makes everyone along the line better….even peppers which is a scary thought. He’ll be a perfect replacement for Tommie harris.

30. New York Jets* (11-5) – Muhammad Wilkerson• Gholston doesn’t work as a DE or an OLB so Wilkerson fills a need there as a DE or DT in their scheme, especially with Jenkins not being able to stay healthy getting younger on the dline as a whole is important

31. Pittsburgh* (12-4) – Aaron Williams• Aaron Williams seems to be a good fit as a CB in the steelers defense, if he doesn’t pan out as a CB and has to move to FS which may be his best fit he will still be an upgrade over ryan clark. Hopefully (like most rookie steeler DBs) hes worked in slow but still gets some nickel action as a rookie.

32. Green Bay* (10-6) – Derek Sherrod• Just adding more talent on the oline…him and bulaga will be a good set of tackles for the packers once clifton moves on.

Round 2
1.New England - from Carolina (2-14) – Brooks Reed• The cap off their 3rd pick in 33 picks with the pass rusher they need…Watt on the dline, solder at tackle in the future, and reed as an OLB/DE if a nice group of young talent.

2. Buffalo (4-12) – Christian Ponder• Chan likes athletic QBs and just missing out on Newton in round one and getting a big time WR instead, now they have an athletic, smart, accurate passer to work in under Fitzpatrick.

3. Cincinnati (4-12) –Andy Dalton• The run on the second tier of QBs has begun and the Bengals with a slight panic move select Dalton.

4. Denver (4-12) – Rahim Moore• Heir to Dawkins? Can also play CB and NB too. Ballhawking centerfielder

5. Cleveland (5-11) – Kendrick Ellis• Shaun Rodgers replacement

6. Arizona (5-11) – Martez Wilson• Like Karlos dansby hes built like an OLB but plays MLB…should add a good dimension to the cards D…not really any QBs worth this selection.

7. Tennessee (6-10) – Jonathan Baldwin• Not the biggest need, but instead of reaching for kaepernick or stanza the titans get a big target at WR, if britt cant stay out of trouble they need another rWR to step in…and when those two are on the field together it could be a potential nightmare for defenses

8. Dallas (6-10) – Mark Ingram• Jerry Jones loves the flashy pick, and while this might not be flashy it is giving him the closest thing weve seen to emmitt since emmitt. Barber has been average and is likely to move on, felix seems to have regressed to being a one trick pony, and while everyone likes choice the value of ingram here is too good to pass up.

9. Washington (6-10) – Ras-I Dowling• Rodgers and Buchannon are FAs and this gives them a physical CB opposite hall

10. Houston (6-10) – Justin Houston• Potential pass rusher in their new 34 defense…it will be a hybrid defense and im not exactly sure what they plan on doing with Mario but this gives them someone else off the edge for the offense to worry about

11. Minnesota (6-10) – Marcus Gilbert• Both mckinnie and loadholt were pretty terrible last year…gilbert at least gives them something at the position in the near future

12. Detroit (6-10) – Bruce Carter• Was just medically cleared to work out for teams, might be IRd as a rookie or miss quite a bit of time but he is a sideline to sideline LB that will be unstoppable behind suh

13. San Francisco (6-10) – Curtis Brown• CB is one of their biggest needs, and after passing on amukamara in round one they get a the best CB on texas’ roster imo.

14. Denver - from Miami (7-9) – Brandon Harris• He fell because of his size but Brandon harris can ball out. Even a resigned Bailey is old and if I remember correctly Perrish Cox is in some kind of trouble…harris and moore give them some reassurance.

15. St. Louis (7-9) – Danny Watkins• They have their tackles, now they get a guard who is a bit old for a rookie but will start from day one and be a mauler on the insider of what is a very promising young offensive line now.

16. Oakland (8-8) – Davon House• Best corner left on the board and with nnamdi and huffs status up in the air the secondary is a concern.

17. Jacksonville (8-8) – Orlando Franklin• Big former tackle moving to guard, he will be a great addition between Monroe and britton.

18. San Diego (9-7) – Sam Acho• Gives them an outside LB to generate more of a pass rush which has been poor since the downfall of merriman since larry english has been pretty ineffective

19. Tampa Bay (10-6) – Quan Sturdviant• Tough pick, but from what I hear most buc fans aren’t thrilled with the LBs and Quan is probably the best available, maybe greg jones.

20. New York Giants (10-6) – Allen Bailey• Bailey doesn’t have a position but the giants love drafting dline and even though hes a workout warrior he was still productive at Miami….i think that he compares favorably to tuck in that he can move all over the line in any situation, he would be a power end or move to DT for them occasionally, and hed probably be more effective that canty has been so far in his stint with the giants.

21. Indianapolis* (10-6) – Rodney Hudson• Small, athletic lineman…might project to center better than guard but a nice replacement for Saturday eventually. Hes like a walking blocking text book, just damn near flawless in executing his assignments.

22. Philadelphia* (10-6) – Jaiquwan Jarrett• Local guy from temple, might be a slight reach but they probably wont get him in the third and I hear they are very high on him, it seems like they have a new starting FS every year.

23. Kansas City* (10-6) – Akeem Ayers• Probably the best pass rusher left, they get a NT and an OLB in the first two rounds to really add to their new-ish 34…gives them a legit threat opposite Tamba

24. New Orleans* (11-5) – Jabaal Sheard• Building up the defense, they got a NT in the first and now a pass rushing end in the second, LB might also be the pick here.

25. Seattle* (7-9) – Mikel Leshoure• Their running game kind of blows with julius and forsett…at least its inconstant. This gives them a big, hard runner to rely on.

26. Baltimore* (12-4) – Torrey Smith• Seems to be slipping due to his 1 dimensional game, but he was probably a target in the first and they get him in the second.

27. Atlanta* (13-3 – Kyle Rudolph• Rudolph free fell to this spot and the falcons get a hell of a receiving TE to take over for tony gonzalas.

28. New England* (14-2) – Stephen Wisniewski• Seems like a typical patriots lineman, can play either center or guard in the near future

29. San Diego - from New York Jets* (11-5) – Jarvis Jenkins• They have been really lacking on the dline lately, hopefully Jarvis and cam Thomas can give them a bright future there.

30. Chicago* (11-5) – Ben Ijalana• Gives them a powerful G/T to plug in and pave the way for forte and maybe keep cutler upright…this is a steal here

31. Pittsburgh* (12-4) – Marcus Cannon• The steelers would almost be forced to take cannon here, he could slide into RG for a year and then kick out to RT when either Flo Retires or colon moves on
32. Green Bay* (10-6) – Ryan Williams• RB is clearly a need, grant is solid, but unspectacular and obviously the trio of starks, Jackson and Kuhn got it done since they won the superbowl but im sure they would like to be able to rely on the run game if they have too and ryan Williams is the BPA imo.

Best Available players:Christian Ballard
Lance Kendricks
Kendall Hunter
Greg Little
Greg Salas
DJ Williams
James Brewer
James Carpenter
Ricky Stanzi
Kelvin Sheppard
Greg Romeus
Demarco murray
Taiwan Jones
Quinton Carter
Randell Cobb
Leonard hankerson
Mark Herzlich

04-21-2011, 01:25 PM
nice ...if im the bungals i would take quinn .. i will be surprised if dallas passes on amukamara ..im expecting aldon smith to come off the board earlier ..

definitely could not complain with Williams and Cannon ..but will cry a little inside if we pass on greg because of off the field stuff ..

04-21-2011, 01:27 PM
Looks good K. Do you think Williams is the guy more out of who is available there or do you get the feeling we are really leaning that way?

K Train
04-21-2011, 01:27 PM
bengals dont really need DE....dunlap finished real strong and they have odom and michael johnson as well....dunlap and quinn are basically the same player.

i have little going to the rams in the 3rd

K Train
04-21-2011, 01:29 PM
Looks good K. Do you think Williams is the guy more out of who is available there or do you get the feeling we are really leaning that way?

i think if everything fell that way it would be between williams and dowling....it would be a long 10 minutes of being OTC.

Heyward or Pouncey would still be my top 2 guys

04-21-2011, 02:43 PM
wow our picks for the for the steelers in the first two rounds are the same i hope they work out but my ultimate picks would be pouncey williams and heyward

04-21-2011, 03:18 PM
bengals dont really need DE....dunlap finished real strong and they have odom and michael johnson as well....dunlap and quinn are basically the same player.

i have little going to the rams in the 3rd

i disagree ..for me its not about need with cincy .. quinn playing opposite of dunlap would be insane ..

i think quinn is a top 5 player and really separates himself more from pass-rushers that should be avail in the 2nd moreso than jones seperates himself from the anticipated WR inventory ..

guys like odom who cannot be relied on and johnson should not be reasons to pass on a talent like quinn ..

K Train
04-21-2011, 03:23 PM
the bengals appraoch the draft as in "this round is designated for this position" which is pretty much why they suck.

i think they want a WR in round 1 and a QB in round 2 this year...quinn is an insane talent, but imo hes undersized and needs to be a 34 OLB...as a full time hand on the ground DE im not so sure he'll ever maximize his potential.

and dont underestimate how special julio jones is...it will bring me physical pain to see him there

04-21-2011, 08:40 PM
yea, either way AJG or JJ are coming to the AFC north ..

i really would not want to see quinn opposite dunlap vs our O-line tho .. if they keep joseph that is 2 solid DB's and two up and coming LB's playing behind what could be a beast of a pass rush ..

i love julio, but if i am them i will take little all day in the early 2nd .. 3 years from now we could be saying he should have been a top 15 pick ..

K Train
04-21-2011, 09:38 PM
yeah but same goes with mike williams.....1st round talent for sure but a 5th round personality, mike williams and dez bryant are not that different. i think we'll see that greg little will compete with some of the top guys this year as well

04-22-2011, 09:41 AM
well greg just took some plane tickets and jewelery .. he never was ruled ineligible academically or quit the team which is a bigger red flag imo ..

a 6'3 230 LB version of Percy Harvin ..

i think he is a better prospect than demaryius thomas, kenny britt, crabtree and maybe harvin (absent migraines) were if you just look at tape and measurables BUT you have to buy into him picking up all the small stuff at the WR position ..

K Train
04-22-2011, 10:06 AM
crabtree was a pretty elite project...borderline elite at least.

id put him on par with britt, marshall, mike williams, hakeem the dream, and even boldin who was a 2nd rounder. its just tough to take a guy like that in the first even though looking bad in 3 years we'll still call everyone idiots for passing on him

percy was just an amazing prospect imo for what he is...a do it all bad boy

04-22-2011, 04:05 PM
I like it but think the Steelers might like James Carpenter better because he's projected for the left or right tackle. Cannon is Right Tackle or Guard and I wouldn't mind taking Greg Little in the 2nd, Dline or oline in 3rd or 4th.