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04-04-2011, 08:55 PM
Bud light has a competition thing via espn and Facebook this it the mock i threw together at a glance.. what do you guys think? any chance i win the 10 mill? hahaha:lol:

1. Dareus, Marcell
2. Peterson, Patrick
3. Newton, Cam
4. Gabbert, Blaine
5. Miller, Von
6. Fairley, Nick
7. Green, A.J.
8. Quinn, Robert
9. Amukamara, Prince
10. Jones, Julio
11. Watt, J.J.
12. Bowers, Da'Quan
13. Jordan, Cameron
14. Smith, Aldon
15. Ingram, Mark
16. Kerrigan, Ryan
17. Castonzo, Anthony
18. Carimi, Gabe
19. Wilkerson, Muhammad
20. Liuget, Corey
21. Smith, Torrey
22. Sherrod, Derek
23. Pouncey, Mike
24. Clayborn, Adrian
25. Locker, Jake
26. Smith, Jimmy
27. Houston, Justin
28. Solder, Nate
29. Ijalana, Ben
30. Taylor, Phil
31. Heyward, Cameron
32. Reed, Brooks

just copied and pasted too lazy to put the teams in too. If you guys want to do one just type bud light in the search thing at espn then put yours in the thread too for a little comparison, could be fun.

04-10-2011, 09:48 PM
It will be hard to pass on Heyward.