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Mike Tomlin
03-31-2011, 04:37 PM
I'm sure all of us watched highlight videos of the corners in this draft ,with that said who's your pick or picks?

1.I feel like Aaron Williams could be a starter for us. The guy is a great tackler with good speed. He looks comfortable when the ball is in the air unlike most of our corners including Ike. He's agressive in run support and I think that comes from him playing safety in high school.

2. I think Raheem Moore is a better corner than safety. He really has quick feet and is fluid in trasition, he tackles like a corner which is why people bust big runs on UCLA.

3. Brandon Harris is a pretty good corner also. He hits pretty hard for his size ,and plays really well with the ball in the air.

I think one of these corners is needed for us to compete next year.

What ever the case we have to have Keneric Ellis in the second or third , no matter how we have to get him. That beast would free up alot of room for our linebackers to come free. If you don't double him from the edge he'll kill your QB and your running game with him. Plus Kiesel is getting old Smith is probably being donated this season at best, I hate to see it but the clocks winding down.

03-31-2011, 05:45 PM
Jimmy Smith please.

03-31-2011, 06:13 PM
I would be very happy with Brandon Harris or Jimmy Smith; however, I have to wonder whether or not the team would go after Smith with his negative publicity. Aaron Williams should be good, but I would rather have Harris/Smith. If none of those three are available at 31, I say go o-line or d-line.

Mike Tomlin
03-31-2011, 07:09 PM
I just don't think Smith is as good as these other guys in coverage. I think he'll end up a safety.

03-31-2011, 07:16 PM
I dont think it will be a CB, I just have a feeling it will be someone else because all the 1st round CB's will be gone at 31 and we wont reach for a CB

K Train
03-31-2011, 07:16 PM
jimmy smith will be a corner.

i like ras-i dowling lately...im on board with him in round 2. i also like rashad carmicael.

i think curtis brown in round 2 would be better than williams in 1. i like brandon harris too, short but stocky.

Mike Tomlin
03-31-2011, 07:27 PM
I dont think it will be a CB, I just have a feeling it will be someone else because all the 1st round CB's will be gone at 31 and we wont reach for a CB I didn't mean they had to but if they did which one would you be satisfied with.

03-31-2011, 10:27 PM
i am not saying williams is not a corner, but i like the idea of a guy moving from DB to FS as a bu plan because once he learns how to see from the middle of the field he has to be an upgrade over clark .. same goes for Ras-Id although he has to wait until the 2nd ..

i love brandon harris .. not worried about the size .. ex - brandon flowers ..

K Train
04-01-2011, 09:08 AM
brandon harris can ball out, he might not be the best fit for our d though...i honestly am really growing on the idea of dowling, hes everything the steelers need in a corner and his 40 quieted people about his speed.

the only way id really like aaron williams in the first is if we followed it up with brown or dowling in the second...2 potential corners, if not at least one hell of a safety

Mike Tomlin
04-01-2011, 09:58 AM
brandon harris can ball out, he might not be the best fit for our d though...i honestly am really growing on the idea of dowling, hes everything the steelers need in a corner and his 40 quieted people about his speed.

the only way id really like aaron williams in the first is if we followed it up with brown or dowling in the second...2 potential corners, if not at least one hell of a safety

I feel the exact same way you do about Harris, he wouldn't be my first choice but I wouldn't be upset either.The guy will make an impact where ever he plays.

I think Williams would do great in our system he has the speed , size, and he plays good with the ball in the air which is our down fall. He's a damn good tackler and a former safety which is a Steelers corner trait.

Raheem Moore is a corner saftey hybrid too, but i'd take Williams over him. I just don't see Smith being as good as people think. If he starts this year he'll get a spelling lesson all year of last names. Yeah he'll be hell on a deep out or run through a screen ,but he won't be able to stay with the ones or the twos coming out of breaks and you definitely don't want to put him in the slot against these premerier slot receivers like Welker.

I do like that Dowling kid also, he's a really big kid with good speed. I admit I haven't seen much of him and none of the Brown kid K-train mentioned. I do like the idea of us getting two corners, maybe a safety/corner and a natural corner.

Enough with just running with the receiver and allow him to catch it or wait until he catches it and try to knock it out his hand (Ike) I want a guy to who will run with the receiver and attack the ball. Ike is one of the best corners in the league until the ball is close to the receiver lol! McFadden is usually beat off the line and Gay just won't trust what he see's. His rookie season if he saw it he went with it, it's just too much hesitation in his game right now and thats why people throw at him. It really stunted his growth when we took him from the nickel to the 2 spot and it hurt his confidence.

K Train
04-01-2011, 10:06 AM
Curtis Brown is a better corner than Aaron Williams imo, they are both studs at texas but as far as being a pure corner i like brown, williams can ball though no doubt but i think him moving to FS is growing on me...i think he will play good wherever hes placed though.

Moore would be a better CB than safety imo, but the thing is while hes very rangy and has great hands/insticnst hes a weak tackler and thats not what i want in a steelers corner. Id prefer Deunta Williams from UNC or Quinton carter in that case if we wanted a FS/CB tweener

Dowling is my boy right now though, im so on board with him

04-01-2011, 04:32 PM
now it depends on what tampa does also, they may get harris, ravens maybe smith...

im with you on brown, but i doubt we see any of them but williams at 31. we could reach for brown at 31. but do you reach for any other cb? the good 2nd round cb's will be gone before 50......

i say draft NA or Joseph for CB and trade up for Pouncey or Taylor or maybe OT best of those three, go BPA at #63, we would lose our 4th pick. If Seattle is picking a QB, they could trade down with us and gain our 4th round pick.... they lose nothing.

Mike Tomlin
04-01-2011, 07:34 PM
K-train I just saw some clips from a few of Dowlings games and he is definitely a good corner and good hitter. I haven't been hearing much about him in the media lately so maybe we'll get him for a steal. I really hope we get Keneric Ellis some way.

04-01-2011, 07:52 PM
RID was rated as a 1st round pick on many boards last summer ..the only reason we are even talking about getting him in the 2nd is because he was injured and had a down year after not really being able to get into it imo .. his tape from '09 looks like a 1st rounder ..

another guy who was obviously rated way higher last year was rahim moore..he is not as soft as some people make him out to be ...going to be a solid center-fielder imo ..

04-06-2011, 12:23 PM
what I try to do is find some games that the cb I want to watch played in that his team lost. Those highlights might give some idea of how a player performs under some adverse conditions. A couple players I looked at were Brandon Harris in the bowl game vs Notre Dame. I wonder how many would be so anxious to draft him after watching this poor performance. Of course, one off day is not a fair way to evaluate a player but it does make you wonder.

Another one that several sites have picked for the Steelers is Rashad Carmichael. draftinsider.net has him as our 3rd rd choice in their mock. He showed very little in the VA Tech vs Stanford game video.

Very little is known about Cortez Allen who is supposed to visit here. But, although it is hard to spot him in the game vs Appalachian St, the entire secondary for Citadel looked lost and him in particular.

Actually, I am not in the group that is desperate for a CB. About all I see is it would be nice to find someone to replace Keenan Lewis. I do not think the light will go on for this player. And, I don't doubt there are a dozen or so out there that could come in here and be useful. Maybe even start in the future. Steeler scouts probably already have them pegged and we will soon find out.

3 others I watched clips on were Curtis Marsh, Shareece Wright and Devon House. They all seemed to have a clue. But, I couldn't find any clips where they faced a top type QB and/or a very high ranked WR to see what they could really do. But as I said the Steelers scouts will come up with the best value in that position.

I doubt if the Steelers will waste er I mean take a CB rd 1 regardless of who falls unless maybe they have Aaron Williams really ranked high.

More and more, I'm beginning to think that CB is the most difficult position to play in the game, also the most pressure, and the most unrewarding. Yeah, I think it;s going to be very hard to find the next Ike [Ivan] Taylor but I'm hoping the scouts can find one.

Mike Tomlin
04-08-2011, 04:18 PM
The more I hear Brandon Harris talk in his interviews, the more he sounds like a Steeler. This kids knows football and has the talent to make plays. I don't know how Tomlin can interview this kid and not love him. Not only is he confident but he has the film to go with it. The guy is a big hitter and I like his ball skills.

K Train
04-08-2011, 04:25 PM
i like brandon harris, ive actually met him twice while in miami visiting my friend that goes to school there. hes a good football player and hes smart, i just dont think he is the best bet in the scheme we run...id love to trade to the top of the second and get him but we need to address CB/FS as well as the CB/NB situation.

Right now i see harris as a guy that MIGHT be able to play outside, but would certainly be a replacement for gay.

i see Ras-i dowling as a CB on the steelers and a starting one within 2 years.

i see aaron williams as a starting FS with CB potential

i see rahim moore as a starting CB with FS potential

i see curtis brown as a starting CB

thats probably the best breakdown i can give as far as the top CB/FSs go....really a ton of this relies on what they have planned for ike, and how much they like butler

Mike Tomlin
04-08-2011, 09:23 PM
I agree with you on the fact that they need a corner and a corner who can convert to FS. If they go that route you have to think they'll take Aaron Williams or Raheem Moore and then swing back around in the second and take Dowling or Brown, otherwise there won't be a hybrid (cb/s)guy worth taking past those two. Like you said earlier it depends on if they are willing to let go of some of the other young corners. Then again they may fool all of us and pick and offensive or defenesive lineman. It's hard for me to believe they'll take secondary guys back to back, but how else do they get it done?