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02-02-2011, 11:54 AM
Comparison Regular Season Stats.
Scoring Defense Ranking
Pitt #1
GB #2
Pitt played the #3 BAL and # 6 NYJ scoring Def
GB played the #4 ATL, #5 CHI and #20 PHI

Passing D Ranking
GB #5
GB played #15 PHI, #20 CHI, #27 ATL
Pitt Played #6 NYJ , and #21 Balt

Run D Ranking
Pitt #1
GB #18
Pitt played #5 BAL and #3 NYJ
GB played #2 CHI, #10 ATL, #15 PHI

Total Defense Ranking
Pitt #1
GB #5
Pitt Played #3 in NYJ, and #9 BAL
GB Played #8 CHI, #11 PHI, #15 ATL

What can one infer about this? Not much really but I do think it means our Offense should be good in this game. We have faced tougher defenses that play in a tougher conference and been farely successful with young WR and a make shift Oline.

It does explain the game scores for GB. Atlanta is Awful against the pass. Chicago and Philly weren't that great either. We rate better then Philly and thats when teams don't even try to run on us at all. GB will still have success against us. I don't think we'll give up Kurt Warner numbers.

GB run D is average. All this Balleyhoo (sp?) about GB running the ball hasn't come against a top 10 run defense. We had success against 2 good Run stuffing teams.

I believe we'll play in front most of the game especially early to force GB to play catchup, and at some point we get a turnover/sack, maybe a score, to decide the game with our D. Kind of our trademark.

On a side note, not that I really like much about Arians, but Our success does depend on Ben a ton. We have beaten some really good defenses this year and our Offensive coaching staff has done a decent job this year.

02-02-2011, 12:05 PM
Nice break down...