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01-30-2011, 02:47 PM
It was another AFC Championship game at home
If we win it - we get to travel to Jerry’s dome
Jets vs. Steelers - rematch from 5 weeks ago
They will not win in Pittsburgh twice in a row
The trash talking Jets were pretty quiet leading up to Sunday
Unusual niceness was mostly all they would say
The Steelers as usual kept their lips sealed
They prefer to do their talking on the field
The Jets deferred so the Steelers got the ball
9 minutes later - a TD from Mendenhall
The Jets would punt and then get a pick from Ben
But they couldn’t do anything and we would be up by ten
Another Jets punt and soon we were in the red zone
Ben faked the pass and took it in on his own
To add insult to injury we got a defensive score
Now just before halftime we’re up by 24
The Jets got down the field to get a field goal
But with 2 quarters left they were still in a hole
In the 3rd quarter the Jets finally came alive
And Santonio scored a TD on the opening drive
Next we went down the field and thought we might score
But near the goal line Ben was picked off once more
After each team punted - the Jets get it back
But no score for them on a goal line attack
Unfortunately soon the Jets got points anyway
Two points from a safety on the next play
It’s 24-12 now - they’re back in the game
If we let them pull this off that would be a shame
They would get another TD and we got a little stressed
But Ben and the guys proved why they’re the best
An expected run play on third and six
But Ben threw to Antonio - past the sticks
Victory kneel - game over - the Jets are on the ground
Can’t wait for Dallas - Steelers are Superbowl Bound
This game will be epic and the Packers are good
But next Sunday will be a bad day in Mr. Rodgers neighborhood!

BlacknGold Bleeder
01-31-2011, 12:20 AM
Another GREAT poem for the original SA poet !!:tt02::tt02::tt02:

01-31-2011, 12:39 AM
:tt02::tt02::tt02: A masterpiece!