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12-31-2006, 01:30 AM
Dec 30, 2006 | 9:42PM Edited version

Main event time, the biggest fight in UFC history, the one that brought the sellout crowd here to the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

One more time, the back story: "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz was the UFC light heavyweight champion from 2000-03. Through a convoluted series of events, the fight everyone wanted to see between Ortiz and Chuck Liddell didn't happen while Ortiz was the champ. After Ortiz lost the title to Randy Couture, the match with Liddell was finally made, and Liddell won on a second-round TKO in their 2004 showdown.

Back in the day, Ortiz and Liddell trained together. Ortiz says they used to be close friends, Liddell claims otherwise.

Mario Yamasaki is the official. The noise is absolutely deafening as they get started.

Round 1: They both go for low kicks right off the bat. They stalk each other in center octagon. Big "Tito" chant, which Chuck's fans boo. Still stalking. The Iceman is the most patient fighter in the business. Liddell hits a right jab. Ortiz goes for a takedown, Liddell sprawls, and Tito gets up before Chuck can pounce. Tito dodges and weaves, hits a right jab. Tito tries to stay out of range, Chuck looking to avoid a takedown. Ortiz connects with a right, Ortiz throws big looping rights. Ortiz with a low leg kick, Liddell with a jab. Another combo. Another "Tito" chant, then more booing. Tito eats a Liddell combo. Liddell throws a right and misses. Liddell backs Ortiz near the fence, hits a right and cuts Ortiz open. Liddell has Ortiz on the defensive. Liddell with a left and a right but Tito gives it right back. Ortiz gets dropped by a monstrous right and goes down. Chuck moves in with a huge flurry to the grounded Ortiz, but Ortiz somehow withstands it and gets back up as the round ends. Ortiz just took Liddell at his nastiest. Round 1 to Liddell.

Round 2: Ortiz goes for a takedown and Liddell sprawls. Ortiz attempts a big kick as Liddell gets away. Big "Chuck" chant now. Not much doing. Ortiz with a wild haymaker, Liddell jabs. Ortiz with a body shot. Liddell doesn't even look winded. Chuck still controlling the octagon. Ortiz goes for another takedown, and Liddell again avoids it, but Tito scurries out of the way before Chuck can attack. Ortiz takes Liddell down, missing with the single leg, but getting a go-behind and getting him down. That's the first time Liddell has hit the mat in a long time. Liddell doesn't stay down, though, and hits an elbow in the clinch as they get up and the round ends. Edge to Liddell again, Ortiz is going to have to start taking chances. The UFC's Eddie Bravo gave round 2 to Ortiz, which the crowd jeers.

Round 3: Liddell blocks a kick to the head. Another "Tito" chant. Ortiz goes for a takedown, can't get it, and covers up as Liddell moves in for some punches. They're back up, with Liddell maintaining positioning in the middle. Liddell actually feigns a takedown, and throws a big roundhouse right that knocks Liddell backwards. Ortiz is on the ground and covering up. Tito with a kick. Liddell moves back and lets Tito up. Big rise from the crowd. Liddell hits a combo with just under two minutes left. They're trading haymakers and Chuck gets the better of it, with Ortiz dropping to the mat after one of the shots caught him square in the face. Liddell's unleashing all his fury, Ortiz is covering up, and Yamasaki calls the fight at 3:59 as Liddell retains his title.

Liddell calls the victory the most satisfying of his career in his postfight interview. Ortiz doesn't make excuses and credits Liddell.

01-04-2007, 02:58 PM
i loved this fight, i f'king hate tito, i was so happy when he got his *** beat, and i'm glad the ref didn't stop the fight in the 1st round when chuck was beating the hell out of him