View Full Version : Rick Gosselin on Steelers

12-28-2006, 10:51 PM
Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl and Carolina reached the NFC
championship game a year ago. But both suffered a tragic off-season
loss that has reduced them to mediocrity in the span of 11 months.

They lost their identities.

Both clubs were power running teams that won games by controlling the
ball, the clock and thus the opposition. The style of football
promoted ball security. The Steelers and Panthers weren't beating
themselves with turnovers and the opposition certainly wasn't going
to defeat their top-5 defenses.

But the Steelers lost their offensive power element in the off-season
when running back Jerome Bettis retired, and the Panthers lost theirs
when Stephen Davis became a salary-cap casualty. Forced to rely more
on the pass and a finesse running game in 2006, both the Panthers and
Steelers are scuffling along with 6-7 records.

The Steelers have already committed 32 turnovers nine more than all
of last season. The Panthers have turned the ball over 25 times one
fewer than last season with still three games remaining.

My advice to the Panthers and Steelers this off-season: Go find a
power back in the draft. That's who these teams are. Go get your
identity back. That will allow them to again compete for Super Bowls

12-29-2006, 01:27 AM
Holy Cow!!! Somone who agrees with me!......lol

Everyone thinks I hate Willie when I really don't. I just don't like that style. I'm so use to seeing the Steelers rb's run people over that this year has been frustrating to me. I would love to see us get a great power back to split the load with Willie.