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08-13-2006, 01:04 AM
Concerned about Cowher

Cowher's unwillingness to publicly clarify his status, beyond a "year-to-year" assessment of his continued tenure with the Steelers, is unsettling to former running back Jerome Bettis.

"The Ben Roethlisberger (injury) issue I'm not concerned about," Bettis told USA Today in Friday's editions. "I'm concerned about Coach Cowher and his ability to stay focused. Is this a lame-duck year?

"He's the glue. If he's not motivated the same type of way, it will be difficult for this team to stay together."

Bettis makes his debut as an NFL analyst on NBC tonight.

The Steelers and Cowher have ceased negotiations on an extension of Cowher's contract, which has two years remaining, and won't revisit the subject until after the season has been completed.

Personally I think Cowher wants to take this year and make sure the fire is still there. He worked over a decade to get that super bowl ring, its the thing that drove him every year...year and year out. Now he's got it so before he commits to another 5 years in a contract he needs to make sure he's still got the fire to do it. His kids are in college now, he's got alot going on...personally Im not worried about it; players on the Steelers don't get a new contract 2 years before their current one expires so if Cowher wants to wait then its better to be sure. I think once he gets going with the season he'll realize how much fire he still has left and he'll sign this coming offseason.

08-13-2006, 10:20 AM
Thats odd though, just doesnt sound like something Jerome would say. I think there will be intensity this year to defent the title and repeat as champs. If we dont win it all this season then I'll be concearned next year. There wouldnt be a title to defend and then there will probably be less intensity.

08-13-2006, 10:23 AM
I guess maybe he's thinking now that we got that one for the thumb, that the drive and intensity may not be there as it was before becuase it took so long to get this one :dunno: