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01-18-2011, 10:04 AM
Was looking in our whipping boys to the south and saw this article we crushed another rat fan. :lol:

OK, I know no one has actually asked me for it, but I am submitting it anyway. What follows is my two week notice to cancel my employment as a fan of the Ravens.
Hear me out, it's not that I have lost faith in the team, the players or the organization. It's not the heartbreaking loss to the Squeelers yesterday. Nope, the reason I am turning in my notice is, well, to be quite honest about it, it's you, the other Ravens fans. Seriously, y'all have driven me to this point, and frankly, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!" Again, not that anyone has asked for it, but I'll tell you the reasons for this decision:

#1)The blame the NFL/Ref card: OK, we get it, B'more got Roethlisberger'ed by the league for years after the Colts left town. Seriously though, you really think that Goddell has nothing better to do than dream up ways to get over on the Ravens??? Or better yet, to read the posts that are on this board, you would get the feeling that 90% of the Ref's have little black & purple voodoo dolls at home, and hold clandestine meetings where the sole topic is how to make the most damaging calls to turn a game in favor of the Ravens opponent. Bad news ya jackwagons, if it smells like a turd, looks like a turd, and feels like a turd....it's a freaking turd!!! The reason we get the defensive PI calls against us??? It's cause the secondary is weak and consistently makes the penalties!!! Now, do the ref's always call a fair game??? Hardly, but riddle me this Batman, how many times did Jordan get called for traveling, or with a charge? How many outside pitches did Palmer, or Clemens, or Maddux get that Joe Schlobotnik didn't get??

#2) The F.O. is horrible and can't get the right players: I'm not sure how to respond to that. Every draft pick, from every round, for every year can not, and will not make the Pro-Bowl. Yet the schmeckelheinies on here think that Oz & Co. are the second coming of Matt Millen and or the L.A. Clippers. Take a look around the league and tell me which teams you want to trade places with. Yes, some teams seem to do a better job, but there aren't that many of them out there. Come draft time, listen to the "experts" out there, and most of them will say that the B'more F.O. is among the best in the league, top 5-10.

#3) Joe is horrible/a bust/a never will be great QB: Now, here I will cut some slack, because Joe does have some work to do, but lemmie ask you this, you'd prefer maybe Colt McCoy?? How's 'bout Delhomme, or Garrard. Ooohh, I know, let's bring back Troy Smith. I love the stat: "Joe is 1-11 vs Brady/Manning/Ben".....really??? Let's look into those number shall we??? Over the last 3 years, B'more is 32-16 overall, while the Pats are 35-13, Indy is 34-12 and Pitt is 33-15. So, amazingly enough, 11 of Joe's 16 loses over 3 years are to the 3 best teams, not just in the AFC, but the entire FREAKING NFL!!! Not to mention, that 2 of the 3 QB's are absolute lock 1st ballot HOF'ers, and bad news, with another ring, Ben will probably get in also. Don't give me, "Well, the best can beat the best" crap.....Yes Joe hasn't been exactly stellar at times against these teams, Joe isn't the one that drops easy catches that kills drives, Joe isn't making TD killing penalties, Joe isn't letting the opposing WR get 10 yards behind him.

#4) Well, honestly, there is no number 4.....the first 3 are reason enough to be fed up with all you whining, knee-jerk reaction having, perfection demanding a-holes!!! For those that feel the Ravens should start over from the F.O. down to the roster, answer me this: What the hell do you do when your kids bring home a C on their report card??? Fire them and hire some kid off the street to take their place?? Are you 100% perfect every day at your job? Have you never once, not ever made a mistake?? I mean damn, if you all were Noah's dad, you would have bitched him out for not putting enough cupholders on the ark. Y'all would have probably ****-canned Michaelangelo for making "David"'s junk too big or too small, or gotten rid of daVinci for making the Mona Lisa's tits lopsided.

OK, I'm finished ranting and raving. But I will leave you with this as I box up my stuff and wait for security to escort me out of the building: There are 24 other teams in the NFL that would have traded places with us in a heartbeat to have the chance to play yesterday, and there are 3 other teams that are, or will be sitting back and licking their wounds tonight, just like the Ravens. As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather be one of the four that lost this weekend, than one of the other 24!

Link: http://www.ravens24x7.com/forum/showthread.php?t=64747

01-18-2011, 02:38 PM
#3) Joe is horrible/a bust/a never will be great QB: This is a very true statement:yesnod:

#1)The blame the NFL/Ref card: OK, we get it, B'more got Roethlisberger'ed by the league for years after the Colts left town. Seriously though, you really think that Goddell has nothing better to do than dream up ways to get over on the Ravens?? R u Kidding me he's a RAT fan:duh:

01-18-2011, 02:50 PM
So true...I live in Baltimore. What a tremendous inferiority complex this city has when it comes to the NFL. I was getting texts during the game from the Ravens fans in my life on how they were getting jobbed again, it was only the first quarter. For the life of me, I have never felt this way about refs, and this nonsense conspiracy bullshit. The worse thing that ever happened to this entitlement town was winning a SB, now they think they should win every year. Just bad moronic fans who know very little about the game in general. The thought of clubbing an opponent into submission, avoiding the arbitrary decisions of the refs, never enters their minds. In 2000 then they won it all, I was actually happy for the city. Now after 16 years of abuse at the MT drunk tank its on baby...bring on Vinny Testaflacco.:tt02: