View Full Version : Bengals Poem (12/12/10)

12-18-2010, 10:33 PM
On a rainy, cold, windy afternoon day
The Bengals came to Heinz to play
The 2-10 Bengals were motivated for one main reason
To beat the Steelers and try to derail their season
Pittsburgh deferred so Cincinnati got the ball
And got 2 first downs from a penalty call
Soon it would be first and goal
5 minutes played and we were in a hole
On the first drive Ben started taking a licking
And that would continue as the clock kept ticking
Activities after plays of the extracurricular kind
How can these refs be so blind?
A couple of punts took us to the end of quarter one
Neither team really got much done
Then in mid 2nd half on a Bengals 1 play drive
Troy picks one off and does an end zone dive
On our next drive there’s another hit on Ben
No surprise there’s no flag again
We’ll just earn the yards - these are men of Steel
And Randle El’s 1 handed catch is one for the highlight reel
We weren’t able to get another TD
So we go to halftime winning by 3
Ward and Wallace also both had big days
Both making their own awesome plays
3rd quarter penalties and you could hear the crowd
“Refs you suck” and it was loud
We gave the ball back to the Bengals at least for the minute
But then Woodley’s pick 6 all but ensured we would win it
One more kick from Suisham to add to the score
And to add insult to injury Troy picked it off once more
We sent the Bengals packing now it’s the Jets this week
They’re currently on a 2 game lose streak
Hey Jets - our defense will be that human wall
They won’t trip you - they’ll just strip the ball!

12-31-2010, 01:01 PM
Sweet SteelersGirlTN7. Very true. Nice job.