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12-15-2010, 12:16 PM
It goes back to 1979 I was in grade 10 living on the south shore of Montreal,Que,CANADA.Here in Quebec the Montreal Canadiens were on their way on winning 4 Stanley Cups and the Province here cherish the Montreal Canadiens.I love them too,I was on a football team for the first time in my life(been playing hockey since 5 yr old)love the game of football.Practiced 4 night a week in snow,rain, cold weather you name it.I'm the safety and I return kickoffs I,m a skinny kid but I play with heart love to hit and don't mind getting hit.Watch football all the time on tv,see the nfl games on Sunday,we have a Canadian football league and the Montreal Alouettes are champions too.But I have a liking for the NFL more because it's more exciting.Anyway in school you see alot of kids talking about the NFL's best football team the Dallas Cowboys.I've seen them play on monday nights they win they are dominant,thay have a nice indoor stadium,wow nice cheerleaders,lots of hipe,all the spotlight.Kid are going around high school with Dallas Comboy jerseys it's the in thing.I watched the Steelers on tv no cheerleaders,no stadium,rainy weather,snow,hard hitting football team,blue collar city,players with no teeth(Lambert)qaurterback that has a hard time to talk he stutters,jerseys are black muddy riped and torn,the team plays hard the QB gets hit down but gets backup,the defence are hard hitters and they make the opposing offences pay for every yard.I'm watching all of this and I am saying to myself this is my type of team.
Playoffs come around Dallas are wining Seelers are wining.Everybody in high school are saying that Dallas is a sure bet for the superbowl.So form classroom to classroom I start taking $2.00 bets,$5.00 bets,Some $10.00 bets,next thing I realize by the time the superbowl came up,Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers,I owed my shirt and pants on the Steelers and had nobody agreeing on me that the Steelers had a chance.And no money to payoff if I would lose.
Sunday,Janaury 21,1979.Superbowl XIII what a football game as I am typing alot of game time plays are popping into my head.The game was very close and the stars were turning away from the stars on the Dallas Comboys jerseys.One play that really turned the stars was when Jacky Smith dropped a easy TD catch in the endzone for Dallas.It was seasaw battle to the end,lots of great plays on both teams but in the end.The steelers won 35 to 31.I will never for get that day,that game and the steelers for the rest of my life.
That's how I became a PITTSBURGH STEELER DIEHARD FOOTBALL FAN.When your a steeler fan like me althought life is not perfect at times,just look at your beloved steelers history.Nothing came easy for them its OK,life goes on,so when I watch the black n gold on TV I still get that fealing that nothing is easy but go out and play hard and the rewards will come.
I don't know what it is but I find it hard to compare to anything else,I feal this type of closeness to that team that I am trying to explain here.Maybe I cannot write well enough to explain it but like to have some feed back from you fellow steeler nation fans.
Tell your story here so we can share.Love you all.


12-15-2010, 04:36 PM
Ive been a steeler fan since I was out of the hooch, Im a steeler fan cause my dad was a steeler fan.

12-15-2010, 09:47 PM
come on steeler nation,I know my intro maybe long and improperly written,but let hear how YOU became a STEELER FAN