View Full Version : On going concerns and questions

Real Deal Steel
11-15-2010, 02:11 AM
Okay..we stunk tonight against the Patriots. But I want to outline some recuring things over the first 9 games.

1. Like in the game for the Patriots, why are we giving so much cushion to WR that are not Randy Moss? I mean once we recognized what they were doing, we could easily have stepped up and played tighter on the WR's. In other words, Labeau isn't making adjustments in a timely manner. Make Brady hold on to the ball a second and a half longer.

2. The defensive blitz schemes are old and everyone is hip to them. Labeau needs to be more exotic with what he's doing. I even know who's blitzing and from what angles now.

3. Big Ben needs to cut down on the improv stuff now and get the ball to the playmakers in the fashion that the play is designed..be it 3 or 5 step drops. The line can't pass protect right now with the injuries so it would be best for the passing game if he get rid of the ball.

4. Jeff Reed has proven that he's a cornball and a kicker needs to be brought in. If for nothing else, to push him.

5. As much as we need lineman in the coming off-season, we need to consider using free agency and getting a top notch CB. It's time now. Other then maybe a CB in the first round, we need to use every pick on the lines. For depth purposes if nothing else.

6. Lastly, I don't like what I see from Tomlin. I don't see things getting better and Tomlin doesn't seem to be addressing and trying to correct our short falls. I want to see him getting after it. No more "Mr. Executive" look. Get after it!