View Full Version : Bengals Poem (11/08/10)

11-13-2010, 10:04 AM
We met our rival Cincinnati under the Monday Night lights
Throw out the records - division games are always fights
They swept our division in their games last year
But the way it started Monday - it didn’t look good here
Pittsburgh deferred but Cincinnati gave it right back
The Steelers were about to be on the attack
Within minutes we got our first score
Soon Cincinnati would give it back to us once more
On their next possession we would block one of their punts
A special teams disaster was not ours for once
This time would only result in a field goal
But we helped the Bengals to continue digging their hole
The T.O show would begin 2nd quarter and kept up till the end
Unfortunately he was not easy to defend
On the next kickoff we were pinned deep at the 1
Miller took us out of our end zone with a catch and run
Pretty soon we had a fumble of our own
And the Bengals cashed in and got it to the end zone
The Bengals were back in it but soon the Steelers would explode
Not until the 4th quarter would they be able to be slowed
It started with Lawrence Timmons intercepting the ball
And Mike Wallace’s catch being an upheld call
Ben threw to Hines - had he really scored?
Cincinnati didn’t challenge - so more points on the board
No scoring in the third - and we started the 4th with a trick
Ben to Randle El to Wallace to make the Bengals fans sick
27-7 - we needed to put them away
But that wasn’t to be on this November Monday
After good plays and bad calls the Bengals were right back in it
We’ve seen it before how they come back and win it
Shipley could have caught it and made a game winning play
But Harrison and Taylor converged and ended the day
It doesn’t get any easier even though we’re back at Heinz Field
And let’s hope most of our injuries have healed
Tom Brady and the Patriots are next on our list
One of our most hated rivals - a game not to be missed
They’re going to be angry after losing to the Browns
They can have field goals - we’ll take touchdowns

11-13-2010, 09:33 PM
Bravo!!!! You've done it once again.