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11-10-2010, 03:55 PM
Heres your chance to vote...

Grades (A-F)
Special Teams:

Mid Season Steelers MVP:
Mid Season Rookie OTY:

11-10-2010, 04:05 PM
offense - C+
defense - A
special teams - B+
coaching - C

mvp - Timmons
roy - duh, Pouncey

11-10-2010, 04:15 PM

This is more or less impossible to vote as a unit, because some have been pretty good, and some have been horrible. Both Dixon and Batch did fairly well (3-1 is fairly well!!!), and Ben have not been terrible either. Sure, he has not played his best football so far, but he is winning games for us. Mendenhall is running with a purpose, and Wallace is catching deep passes like its no ones business! Our o-line have been pretty decent as well, despite all the stuff that is happening on it.

I am going to give it a solid B simply because I believe that a lot of the miscues have to do with horrible play-calling and really tough luck on many occasions. Maybe they deserve less, but they have fought admirable!


A- They have been amazing this year so far. Especially against the run. I did expect them to be good, but i never imagined the kind of dominance that they had in store for Titans. Certainly, there have been bad games, but we have had a tough schedule so far. The Saints game was a bad game, but against one of the best offenses in the league. We are ranked pretty poorly against the pass, but that can be blamed on two things:

1. Teams don't run against us. They don't even try.
2. LeBeaus defensive schemes allow passes to happen. Bend, but don't break.

I was torn between b+ and a-, but this defense have carried us yet again to 6 victories. There is no denying that this is an elite unit, and should be praised as one.

Special Teams:

I have liked what I've seen. Sure, we have A LOT of so called special team specialists, but we have created turnovers, returned kicks without allowing any etc. etc. I don't know if its everest or just the players. They have been fighting lights out compared to last year.


B - I know what you guys a thinking... Bruce Arians suck, and I agree. The guy is clueless. With that being said, the coaching have been pretty solid so far. Tomlin have had plenty of really rough situations to deal with, and have done so in a respectful manner. LeBeau's defense have been solid, and we've been playing some great ST. I also like the development of our WRs and LBs, so the respective coaches should get some praise as well! I would give them an A if it was not for the obvious stupidity of Bruce Arians.

Mid Season Steelers MVP: Lawrance Timmons by a mile. He have been absolutely everywhere, and unstoppable in whatever he have been doing.

Mid Season Rookie OTY: Pouncey, no question about it.

Steel Trap86
11-10-2010, 04:38 PM
Offense C
Defense A
Special Teams A
Coaching C

Midseason MVP Deebo
Midseason ROY Pouncey

11-10-2010, 04:41 PM
Grades (A-F)
Offense: C+. Ben hasn't looked like the Ben of last season yet, and Mendenhall hasn't been able to get anything consistently going since his return.

Defense: B+. Easily an A+ up until week 4. Once Ben came back, it was downhill from there. The seconary seems to have lapses every time we score offensively. Woodley is still not producing like he should be for a contract-year player. Polamalu hasn't made any splashes since earlier in the season. On the other hand, Farrior has stepped up his game and is playing pretty well, James Harrison is still playing at a high level despite being Goodell's whipping boy, and Timmons is emerging as our best player on the defense.

Special Teams: B-. Our coverage has been pretty spectacular. Add in Sanders and Brown returning punts and we have a dangerous unit. The only weak part so far has been Randle El fair catching the ball, which I think is over, and the paper towel pugilist Jeff Reed.

Coaching: C-. I have to give credit where it's due and applaud Tomlin for keeping his team together through Ben's suspension, but he has had some terrible game management, particularly in the Ravens, Saints and Dolphins games. You can't give an opposing team the ball back and pin our D with a short field before half missing ridiculous field goals. In the Dolphins case, you kick a field goal if there's no chance for them to get the ball back with 4 seconds left on the clock. Tomlin's challenge success rate has also been pretty mediocre. Giving a 4th round pick away for nothing also angered me. Arians still sucks. LeBeau isn't blitzing enough.

Mid Season Steelers MVP: Timmons
Mid Season Rookie OTY: Pouncey

11-10-2010, 04:41 PM
It's a tail of 2 teams in the first half of the year. 4 games without Ben, 4 games with Ben.

Without Ben the defense was absolutely lights out every week, nobody was moving the ball on them at all. With Ben back they have been wicked still on run defense but pass offense has been shaky.

Without Ben on offense, the run game was on fire. With Ben back, it's been virtually non existent until this past weekend.

Without Ben, the pass offense was pathetic. With Ben back, it's been getting better each week.

Special Teams- I have to give these guys an A, the coverage units are excellent this year so far. The kick return game is improving. The punt return game could use some work but it hasn't been a liability like in years past so I can live with it for now. Reed has missed kicks but overall these guys are awesome compared to what they used to be.

11-10-2010, 04:45 PM
http://www.steelersdepot.com/2010/11/feels-like-2009-all-over-again/ I know this is not the right place for this but check this out it is some great reading...my midseason grades are as followed A for Defense B+ for special teams Offense INCOMPLETE untill we get rid of BA enough said Head Coach B- R.O.Y Pouncey with out a doubt and i agree with the MVP Timmons has be very consistent this year so far...