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11-07-2010, 12:59 PM
On Halloween night, the last 2 Superbowl champs took the field
And for a while neither defense would yield
Playing in New Orleans with a lot of costumes in the crowd
Fans rooting for their own black and gold and it sure was loud
In the 1st quarter neither team could really move the ball
So when it ended there was still no score at all
When the 2nd quarter started it looked Randle El got a score
But a challenge reversed it and it was back to zero once more
Soon Rashard would score - but that’s not what the refs would say
No challenge came so we kicked a field goal next play
The Saints tried to trick us but Tomlin called a time out first
The half was going to end up tied at the very worst
The 3rd quarter would go on with both teams fighting
Then in the 4th quarter it would finally get exciting
Rashard’s 38 yard touchdown would start to close the gap
And it seemed like both offenses were no longer taking a nap
At the moment the scoreboard read 13-10
Then the ball was recovered by Pittsburgh before they could score again
Soon came something that we’ve hardly ever seen
Heath’s fumble was the nail in our coffin this Halloween
Drew Brees would go on to complete 6 more throws
You win some you lose some that’s how it goes
We didn’t play our best but we still gave them a game
They’re the defending champs - there is no shame
Now we go to Cincinnati for a Monday Night Football fight
The Bengals would like nothing better than to spoil our night
When it comes to Bengals fans - Who Dey is all you hear
We Dey is our response - and we owe you from last year

11-07-2010, 06:38 PM
Another Awesome Creation. :yellowthumb: