View Full Version : Dolphins Poem (10.24.10)

10-30-2010, 10:53 AM
We started our road trip when we went to Miami to play
On the opening kickoff it looked like it would be a bad day
Emmanuel Sanders returning kickoffs seemed like a good call
But after 17 yards he fumbled the ball
Before we could blink Miami put 3 points on the board
And when Ben fumbled next another field goal was scored
Thankfully after 2 turnovers we were only down by six
And for most of the game our defense held them to kicks
The Steelers would make it to the Dolphins red zone
And pretty soon would score a field goal of their own
We kicked off to Miami but soon Hartline gave it back
This year the takeaways is something we donít lack
In less than 2 minutes we took advantage of the fumble
Hines would not be denied and into the end zone he would stumble
Next Miami would score a field goal Ė their third of five
And then Sanders took us to mid field to start our next drive
One more play is all we would need
And a 53 yard bomb to Wallace gave us an 8 point lead
Chad Henne would get the Dolphins into scoring position
They finally got a touchdown before the intermission
The Steelers scored another field goal and then Dolphins did too
For half the 4th quarter that was all either team could do
The Dolphins kicked their 5th field goal and were ready to win
But soon the next conspiracy theory would begin
Ben got a score Ė at least thatís what the ref had said
It didnít matter who recovered Ė the play was whistled dead
We kicked a field goal to go up by one
And on a 4th down interception Ė Miami was done
All weíve heard for a week is whines and complaints
Now we must move on to New Orleans to play the Saints
Both sides will be cheering for the Black and Gold on Halloween night
But itís our Steelers that are going to win the fight

12-31-2010, 02:03 PM
Awesome. Still glad we won that game on the controversial call.