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12-10-2006, 09:18 PM
Well Im back here again to give you my scenario the Steelers playoff chances. The Steelers did get a lot of help today and they didnt as well. They needed 5 teams to lose Cincy,Jags,KC,Denver,and the Jets and 3 of them did out of 5. It probably should have been 4 seeing that the Colts lost to the Jags which was a real killer for the Steelers as I see some of you already posted on here earlier today. I expected Cincy to beat Oakland I knew that was a longshot, but I also told everybody all week that Denver would lose to San Diego,Jets would lose to Buffalo,and the Chiefs would lose to Ravens and they all did. I was absolutely stunned that Indy got blown out by the Jags considering they were coming off a loss last week and I didnt expect the Colts to lose 2 games in a row. With that being said the scenario is now this the Steelers are at 6-7 they are a game behind 3 teams the Broncos,Chiefs,and Jets,and 2 games behind 2 teams the Bengals and Jags. Here is the deal for next week now. All 5 of these teams have road games. The Bengals play at Indy,Jags play at Tennessee,Jets play at Minnesota,KC play at San Diego,and Denver plays at Arizona who pulled the big upset today over Seattle in Arizona a team that beat the Broncos in Denver by 3 just last week.

The key teams to watch next week are the Jags,Cincy and Denver. KC I think will lose to San Diego and that will give them 7 losses and thus if the Steelers win out we win the tiebraker over them based on the head to head meeting. So that takes care of the Chiefs. Im pretty sure if the Jets lose one of the next 2 to either Minnesota or Miami both on the road and they finish 9-7 the Steelers win the tiebraker with them based on common opponents. So again here is the deal.

The Steelers really need the Jags to lose in Tennessee and the Bengals to lose in Indy next week. Both have a real good shot of happening I think. Colts are playing Cincy in Indy and I cant see them losing 3 in a row, and the Jags are playing a hot Tennessee team right now who is playing very well especially at home and always plays the Jags tough since they are in their own division. The Steelers need Cincy to pretty much lose out because if they finish 9-7 with the Bengals they will lose the tiebraker because Cincy would have a better conference record then the Steelers. Cincy finishes up with games at Indy,at Denver,and with the Steelers so it is very very possible they can lose out and finish at 8-8 and if the Steelers win out they finish at 9-7. The Jags finish up with games at Tennessee,home to New England,and at Kansas City on New Years Eve. They can definitely lose all 3 of those. The key game will be next week at Tennessee it will probably be the easiest one for the Jags to win out of the 3. If the Jags win next week we cant catch them because that would give them 9 wins and we lose the head to head with them because we lost to them 9-0 the 2nd game of the year. That leaves the Broncos who finish up with games at Arizona,home to Cincy and home to San Francisco. Now the Broncos can still finish 9-7 and the Steelers can win the tiebraker against them if they do finish 9-7 if Kansas City finishes 9-7 which I think they will because they will beat Oakland and the Jags the last 2 weeks to get them to 9-7. They would cancel out Denver because of the better division record and the Steelers would win the head to head tiebraker with Kansas City because they beat them. So with Denver the Steelers need them to lose either to Arizona next week or to San Francisco the last week. Its gonna be tough but stranger things have happened and any team can lose any given week. Denver has lost 4 in a row and is really struggling with Cutler in there now. Arizona will play them tough next week I think.

So there is your updated scenarios here at the end of the night here. The Steelers still do remain alive and I do think can beat a pretty banged up beat up Carolina team next week. The Steelers next week though keep in mind need Cincy to lose in Indy which I think will happen, and they need the Jags to lose in Tennessee which also can happen as well. If Denver would lose to Arizona as well that would be huge seeing that they play Cincy the following week and unless that game ends in a tie one of those teams will get to 9 wins and the Steelers couldnt catch them.

But the Steelers are still very much alive for the wildcard spot guys so dont give up yet. Cincy and the Jags have very tough schedules and can easily lose out seeing who they play. The Jags beating Indy today was a killer because then all 4 would have lost and been 7-6 and we would have been a game back of the 6th spot behind KC,Jets,Denver,and the Jags. The math is still possible like I been saying guys and until its not Ill keep believing and giving you my scenarios like I just did here. Let me know what you guys think about this latest one.

House of Steel
12-10-2006, 09:26 PM
This is a wild one in a million odd shot. I love your heart and bold cheering, but this is got to be one of the wildest NFL season in recent history. I never seen the day that Indy would get blown out of the water by JAX. Tennessee needs to do us a favor. I don't see Denver losing to Arizona but San Francisco, that is a question mark right there.

12-10-2006, 10:00 PM
Well, we can afford to have 1 of these teams end up ahead of us, because they'd get 1 wildcard and we'd get the other. So even if the Broncos win all the rest of their games, that would be ok because they'd help eliminate the bengals. If SD beats KC that eliminates the Chiefs, if Miami beats NY that eliminates the Jets, and if the Jags lose to NE and KC, that eliminates them and the 2 wildcards would be Denver and us.

If Cincy beats Denver, that eliminates the Broncos, KC loses to SD, NYJ lose to Miami, and the Jags lose to NE and KC, then we'd still get in, but the Bengals would have a higher seed, right?

If the Jags win out, but Denver beats Cincy, KC loses to SD, NYJ lose to Miami, then we don't get in.

So we definitely need KC to lose to SD, NYJ to lose to Miami, and the Jags to lose to NE and KC. If that happens and we of course run the table, we're guaranteed to get in, right? So then whoever wins Cincy/Denver gets in as the 1st wildcard, and the loser is eliminated, and we get in as the 2nd wildcard, right? Unless Denver would beat us with tiebreakers. Would they? If they lose to the Bengals?

EDIT: I just checked the standings on NFL.com, and the Broncos have a better conference record than us, so if they lose to the bengals, they'd beat us with tiebreakers (right?). So we either need them to beat Cincy, or totally collapse and lose to either Arizona or the 49ers. If either of those happen, and the rest of the teams lose their losable games, and of course we run the table, then we're in. Very complicated and we'd pretty much need a miracle to have everything align perfectly like that, but it's possible. Of course, the Colts losing today didn't do us any favors, but then again, maybe it did, if it motivates them to beat the Bengals next week.

12-10-2006, 10:20 PM
It's rough. The stars have to align perfectly. Maybe Art can give us some help from up above lol.

12-10-2006, 10:25 PM
i hate all these scenarios. the steelers are in this spot because they lost to teams like the raiders. we had a chance to beat the falcons and bengals as well.

12-10-2006, 10:41 PM
Denver would win the tiebraker over us if they finish 9-7 because they beat us head to head. However if Denver,KC,and the Steelers finish at 9-7 the Steelers would win the tiebraker because they break the tie first within the division and since KC has a better division record then the Broncos they would cancel Denver out and then it would come down to head to head with the Chiefs and Steelers and the Steelers would win the tiebraker cause they beat them head to head. If KC loses to SD next week your right it does take care of them but we would then need Kansas City to win their last 2 against Oakland and Jacksonville to finish at 9-7 just incase the Broncos would finish 9-7 which has a very good shot of still happening. That way they can cancel out Denver for us and we can get in over both. Plus we want them to beat the Jags the last week for us assuming the Jags lose the next 2 to the Titans and Pats which has a very good shot of happening I think. Your also right about the Jets if they lose to Miami we win the tiebraker over them. We would have the same record at 9-7 and the same conference record at 6-6 but we would win the tiebraker based on common opponents. Jets lost to Browns and Miami and we beat both of them Browns twice and Miami once. The only way we can catch the Bengals is if they lose their last 3 to Indy,Denver and of course to us. We cant finish at 9-7 with Cincy and win the tiebraker because they have a better conference record then us. Both Cincy and Denver can finish 9-7 with us but the only way we would win the tiebraker then is if Jags finish 8-8 and lose out and the Chiefs finish at 9-7. That way as I mentioned before they would cancel out Denver because they break the tie within the division first and the Chiefs win that tiebraker and then we beat the Chiefs head to head and win the tiebraker. The bottom line is the Jags MUST lose out for us to have a good shot to get in and with their schedule here remaining with games at Tenn,the Pats,and at KC it is very very possible. Keep in mind the Jags have lost games this year at Washington who stinks,Houston twice who stinks,and at Buffalo so there capable of losing to anybody any week. The Jags blew out Tennessee the first meeting so the Titans will want some payback next week in Nashville for sure. That loss today by Indy to the Jags was a killer. If all 4 would have lost being the Jags,Jets,KC,and Denver then all of them would have been 7-6 and the Steelers would then be 1 game out of the 6th spot. Boy that loss to the Raiders now is an absolute killer. But there is still a shot if you read what I just wrote very closely its not impossible by any means with the schedule left for the teams who the Steelers need to lose.

12-11-2006, 12:19 AM
This is one of the wildest scenarios to play out in the NFL in a long time for us. Usually we control our destiny or atleast only need help from a few teams, but this year we need so much help and it's nerve racking trying to figure it all out.

So we definitely need KC to lose to SD, NYJ to lose to Miami, and the Jags to lose to NE and KC.

If that is the case then unless there is a complete collapse; SD will beat KC. Miami is hot right now so they could definately keep it going and help us by beating the jets. NE will be pissed for getting shutout today so that boads well for them beating the jags..the KC game is what scares me if we get that far and still have hope.

12-11-2006, 12:50 AM
Well before the Jags play the Pats and Chiefs we need them to lose in Tennessee next Sunday. If they win that game then the worst they can finish is 9-7 and if that happens it wont matter what they do in the Pats game or KC game. With Indy laying an egg to them today it forces us to need the Jags to pretty much lose their last 3 games because if we both finish 9-7 we lose the head to head tiebraker with them because they lost to them 9-0. With that being said as I mentioned in my other post before you Top Gun IF KC loses to SD next week it takes care of them, if the Jets lose in Miami in 2 weeks it takes care of them because we would win the common opponents tiebraker since our conference record would be the same as them at 6-6 that would then be the next tiebraker common opponents. So even if the Jets do beat Minnesota next week it wont eliminate us or hurt us hardly at all. We need them to lose to Miami more the following week. Denver and Cincy is where it gets complicated and goofy. The Steelers as I said cant finish 9-7 with Cincy and win the tiebraker because they have a better conference record then the Steelers. They need Cincy to lose all 3 of their remaining games at Indy,at Denver, and of course to the Steelers which means they finish at 8-8 and we get in over them at 9-7. The only way we can finish with Cincinnati at 9-7 and get in the playoffs and this is where it gets complicated is if Denver finishes 9-7, and they lose to Cincy in 2 weeks in Denver, and the Chiefs finish at 9-7 and the Jags to finish at 8-8. They would get in if there is a 3 way tie with the Broncos,Chiefs,and Steelers because as I said before they break the tie within the divisions first and since Kansas City would have a better division record then the Broncos 4-2 to the Broncos 3-3 they win the tiebraker there. Then it would come down to the head to head game with us and KC and we would then get in over them since we did beat them. The 2 games to watch for next Sunday our Jags at Tennessee and Denver at Arizona. If the Steelers win in Carolina next week and either the Jags or Denver lose they are still very much alive. I do think Cincy will lose in Indy on Monday night. If both the Jags and Broncos both win then the Steelers no matter what they do next week are pretty much eliminated because the Bengals and Broncos play each other the next week and that means one of them will get to 9 wins. So again its important that either the Jags or Denver lose next Sunday. I do think KC and Cincy will both lose in San Diego and Indy next week, and I think there is a good chance the Jets could lose in Minnesota. But even if they dont it wont matter because all we would need then to win the tiebraker over the Jets is for them to lose in Miami on Christmas night. That is what MUST happen though next week for the Steelers to remain alive another week.

12-11-2006, 06:50 AM
I sure like it when we control our own destiny instead of depending on other teams to screw up allowing us to sneak in the back door.
I hope we make the playoffs, no matter how we do it because I feel if we do get there, we will roll to #6! The only trouble is the light at the end of the tunnel is flickering real dimly.

12-11-2006, 09:39 AM
We have to depend on too many teams for us to get in. But, I have not given up hope. My concern right now is the Carolina game. We have to beat them. Did you see the numbers that Winke put up? Our secondary is in for it. We need to use ball control, score on each possession and watch the clock go tick, tick, tick. :helmet:

House of Steel
12-11-2006, 09:40 AM
:welcome: Rainman!

I agree with your post, Rain. It is a very up in the air shot for us to roll into the playoffs, but if we don't make it, think of us getting a good draft pick to rebuild and reload. We could very well do what the New England Pats did after winning their first and missing the playoffs. The rest is history.

12-11-2006, 09:48 AM
At this point I'd love for us to make the playoffs, nothing would be sweeter than to rub it in the rest of the league's faces..however if we just finish out strong at 9-7, I'll be content after how bad this year went. 9-7 would be a great accomlishment considering.

12-11-2006, 10:40 AM
IF is the keyword in this thread. IF, IF, IF..... The steelers screwed up this year by some coaching mistakes and deep down in my heart I want them to go but this is not going to happen.

12-11-2006, 11:15 AM
Stranger things have happened, I'm still behind the Steelers playoffs or no playoffs! If they can finish at or above 500 then the season won't be a complete loss considering how awful their record was just weeks ago.

12-11-2006, 11:19 AM
If we can't make the playoffs I'd atleast prefer to finish as not haivng one of the worst records of a defending champ. I'll take 9-7 for sure.

12-11-2006, 11:26 AM
Well, if we miss the playoffs, I want it to be because we lose this week to Carolina. I like the Panthers, and if they beat us, at least they still have a chance to get to the playoffs. I would hate it if we beat them, and then lose to the ravens, or have one of these teams we need to lose screw it all up by winning.

12-11-2006, 03:24 PM
As Ive been saying on here what we need to happen this week is the Steelers obviously need to win to get 7-7, the Steelers will stay alive if they win if 2 out of these 3 teams lose the 3 teams are Cincy,Jacksonville,and Denver. I think Cincy is a lock to lose down in Indy next Monday night so it then comes down either the Jags losing at Tennessee which would then put them at 8-6 or the Broncos losing down in Arizona which would put them tied with the Steelers at 7-7. If that would happen then we would need Denver to beat Cincy the next week and put them both at 8-7. Then if we would beat Baltimore and Cincy the next 2 weeks the Steelers would end up 9-7 and the Bengals would end up 8-8.

Then all we would need is for the Broncos and Chiefs to both finish at 9-7 because we would win the tiebraker over both of them because Kansas City would win the tiebraker over Denver based on better division record and then the Steelers would win the tiebraker over the Chiefs based on their meeting head to head. All we need to do to win the tiebraker over the Jets is for them to lose in Miami on Christmas night if they finish at 9-7. The Steelers win the tiebraker over the Jets based on common opponents since thats the next tiebraker after conference record which would both be the same with the Steelers and Jets at 6-6.

So the bottom line this week is this no matter what the Steelers do win or lose. If 2 out of these 3 teams dont lose this week Cincy,Jacksonville,or Denver the Steelers will be eliminated by next Monday night. Its very very simple to figure out guys if you look at it closely like I have.

12-11-2006, 04:05 PM
would you want the steelers to get to the playoffs, just to lose the first game? i don't. seriously i hope they finish strong, but don't make it. it will make them hungry for next season. JMO.

K Train
12-11-2006, 04:19 PM
i just want to finish strong 9-7 is amazing for starying out 2-6. If we finish strong, draft well, stay healthy...next year might be better than last year

12-11-2006, 05:06 PM
Well I agree that missing the playoffs may be best for the long run, but it would just bring me so much satisfaction to know that we can let the rest of the league get a big head start, and STILL end up in the playoffs.

12-11-2006, 05:21 PM
Well I agree that missing the playoffs may be best for the long run, but it would just bring me so much satisfaction to know that we can let the rest of the league get a big head start, and STILL end up in the playoffs.

LOL I agree with you. Not only the other NFL teams but the media LOL