View Full Version : texas 'cowchips'..lol

09-13-2010, 10:39 PM
well this is one 'recipie' i came up by myself several yrs back..
mmm let see,,
flour/corn totrillas
deep fry yerself.. place on paper towel to remove xcess grease*can cut any size)
sit aside
large cookie sheet
spray pam on it..
lay yer drained chips out on the cookie sheet where they cover the whole bottom.
u can cook yer own red beans ,drain, mash into refried beans or go the 'easy way' Buy 'em!LOL
layer the chips on the cookie sheet with the refried beans
Then ya place deli turkey .thick or thin.ALL over them refried beans
Then ya place various sheredded cheeses( what kinda cheese ever ya like)
ALL over the turkey slice on top of the refried beans
then a wee bit more refried beans turkey slices & cheeses...
Ok THEN ya place under the Broiler just Long Nuff for the cheeses to melt a few seconds/or a "short minute..>real short>!
then pull them out from the broiler
& WaLa! eat with favorite salsa& jalapenos":banana:

10-18-2010, 04:04 PM