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08-09-2010, 11:08 AM
Note: Please see disclaimer on NFC picks thread....

AFC East
1. New England 11-5
2. Miami 10-6
3. NY Jets 9-7
4. Buffalo Bills 3-13

-BB finds ways to make good players out of ordinary guys and he will with his defense this year. Brady will be better and more comfortable, but they need a running game.
-I just have a feeling on the Fins. Henne can chuck it downfield as well as anyone and with Marshall there he has a true #1 target. Defense will be the question mark.
-I'm not buying the hype. Sanchez is in just his 2nd year and I don't see RB Greene staying healthy as he has a history of injuries. Ryan will be in over his head with all the prima donnas running around there.
-I really feel bad for Buffalo. Good football town and those people deserve better. They'll have trouble stopping anyone this year.

AFC North
1. Baltimore Ravens 11-5
2. *Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
3. Cincinnati Bengals 8-8
4. Cleveland Browns 4-12

-I like what Baltimore has done offensively, but Cam Cameron as OC never strikes fear into people. Defense is aging, by front 7 is still as tough as anyone. I can see a better record or far worse and it depends on that secondary.
-This record is certainly dependent on BR's return, but overall two things worry me. Will the defense be better late in games and on 3rd downs? Secondly, who steps up to replace Holmes at WR? (My full Steelers Preview still forthcoming)
-No way will TO in the Queen City with the ultimate drama queen ochocinco work. If they get off to a poor start, the whining will only get worse and this has to be Marvin Lewis' last season.
-Holmgren will get them pointed in the right direction, but will he be able to keep his mitts off Mangini and the team in general? Delhomme is not the answer.

AFC South
1. Indianapolis Colts 11-5
2. *Houston Texans 10-6
3. Tennessee Titans 9-7
4. Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11

-The Colts will lose a step this season. If Wayne remains unhappy with his contract, that leaves PM with few solid targets. Defense got burned by a relatively simple gameplan in the SB and must adjust to those outs and curls in their soft cover-2.
-Texans finally get over the hump. I like their offensive weapons and their defense seems to be getting better with fromer #1 pick Williams becoming a true stud on the edge.
-I'm just not buying the Titans. Nothing needs to be said about CJ who is the best RB in the league right now and Fisher is a very good coach. Bullock no longer anchors the defense which doesn't do a lot for me anyway.
-I'm predicting this is the final year for the Jags in J-Ville. Crowds get smaller each week and blackouts are a death sentence. MJD cannot carry the team alone, but he may be carrying them to LA or San Antonio.

AFC West
1. San Diego Chargers 11-5
2. Kansas City Chiefs 8-8
3. Denver Broncos 6-10
4. Oakland Raiders 5-11

-Can we just give the 'Bolts the division title based in the other 3 teams sucking? SD has issues with Jackson and McNeil contractually and they do need those guys, but they still have the weapons to win take the West.
-KC will be improved this year, but not enough to challenge SD. Cassel should be better and the running games is moving forward, but what abou the defense?
-Do the Broncos have any weapons on O? Tebow may have to play 3-4 different positions. Huge loss with Elvis out and their D is already a bit smallish.
-When is the last time you could say the Raiders didn't do anything ridiculously stupid in the off-season? I'm still waiting for the Commissioner's ruling on Coach Tom Cable. Apparently it's OK to break a fellow coach's jaw in the NFL and get no penalty for it.

BOLD=division winners

NOTE: I like Baltimore to get the division title by way of better division record than the Steelers. I also like Houston to win a tie-breaker over Miami for the last wild-card spot. They do not play each other so it will be based on conference record.

08-09-2010, 11:24 AM
I can go along with the predictions as they are...after watching the hall of fame game especially...I know its preseason but the Bungals were back in full force---ouch!

I know Marvin Lewis will not let that continue ... it was pretty painful to watch. Also, I agree, it depends upon how many games ben misses as to where we likely finish...wildcard or division champ.:imho: