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12-04-2006, 01:41 AM
-Pittsburgh, PA: December 3, 2006

Bruce Gradkowski was given a harsh surprise upon arriving in Pittsburgh for the Bucs game against the Steelers this past Sunday at Heinz Field. No, it had nothing to do with the cold weather in Pittsburgh. Instead the shock came from Detroit. It was from there that Mr. Gradkowski received notice from General Motors' Cadillac division that his warranty on his Cadillac vehicle would become null and void if he attempted to proceed and use the vehicle in Pittsburgh. Reasoning behind the voided warranty notice given by Cadillac was that such actions would be considered "reckless usage of the vehicle," and, "intentionally destructive force on the vehicle and its main components and safety features." Mr. Gradkowski responded to the notice by expressing his disappointment in GM and Cadillac for presenting him with what appeared to be a threat against using his main source of "forward progression" and reaffirming that despite the warnings he received he will use his Cadillac in Pittsburgh. He ended his statement jokingly saying, "I don't think the roads in Pittsburgh are that bad." Gradkowski had no response to questions given to him that possibly it was not the roads in Pittsburgh that GM and Cadillac were worried about.

To express his confidence, Gradkowski arrived at Heinz Field on Sunday in his Cadillac. As reporters and cameras surrounded him, he made extra effort to show off the pristine condition of the vehicle. Gradkowski then took careful steps to secure the vehicle in full view of the crowd. (Below is a stock photo of the vehicle)

As the Bucs and Gradkowski began their pregame warm-ups he continued to express his growing amusement. That was until discovering the Steelers were performing their pregame warm-ups not inside the stadium facility but instead in the outside parking lot. Unable to leave the team during warm-ups, Gradkowski was forced to wait until afterwards to go out to the parking lot. When he was able to journey to his parking spot the sight that greeted him put him into a state of shock:


On the car was a note:

"Warranty Void.

1 Cadillac down, 1 to go.

-Joey Porter"

Gradkowski left Pittsburgh with two broken Cadillacs.


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