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06-08-2010, 08:13 AM
Although OTA are still going on: and Training camp is still two months away: a loud me to save the Steelers the time and energy and going through a training camp and risking injury to form their roster.


Despite Ben Roethlisberger off the field problems, he is still the best QB on this team: and a focused and hopefully changed Ben will benefit the Steelers, this year and next.

Byron Leftwich: even though he took all of the 1st string reps in OTA without Ben, Iím not ready to anoint him the starter yet. Although for the short term, may give the Steelers the best chance to win. If the Steelers can start 3-1 or better, with Ben only having to sit out four games, Leftwich was worth the investment.

Dennis Dixon: I liked what I saw in the Baltimore game last year, but it was ONLY one game. Scott Mitchell, Derek Anderson, Johnson (played for the Bills) just to mention an few, have played well for a short time, but could not keep it going.

Charlie Batch: I think his calling is in coaching QBís (ie. Big Ben) Donít be surprised a week before camp ends, Batch come up with some injury that places him on IR. Until Ben comes back El will be the 3rd QB.


Hine Ward: is reliable and unquestionable the leader of the group.

Mike Wallace: From all I hear, he is the star of the OTA, but with the production he had last year, and more opportunity this year, Wallace will become the leader of this group once Hines calls it a career.

Antwaan Randle El: the perfect slot receiver, smart, and more shifty the fast and can find the hold in zone coverage.

Arnaz Battle, Emmanuel Sanders, Stefan Logan, Antonio Brown, Tyler Grisham are battling for 2 possibly 3 spots: Battle, Sanders, and Logan have special team flexibility and only Battle have real game WR experience. For the sake of this exercise Iím going to say the Steelers keep 5 receivers, and Battle, Sanders are my choices. Brown and Grisham are practice squad guys and Logan is cut.


Rashard Mendenhall: a 3 down back with speed, power, can catch the ball and pick up the blitz, what more do you need.

Mewelde Moore: A good back to have on the team to give Mendenhall a break. He showed two years ago, if something were to happen to the starter, you can still be productive in the running game.

Jonathan Dwyer: This guy had a 2nd-3rd round grade when the draft processed started. His biggest adjustment will be blitz pick-up and catching the ball. His biggest treat will come from last year goal line star (pre-season)

Isaac Redman: despite last year fan-fare, the only way he makes this year squad is if the Steelers carry five backs or someone get hurt in preseason. I guess if he become a special team demon, that would provide another opportunity to Redman.

Frank Summers: The Steelers are bent on making him an FB, but last year I did not see it. I also didnít see it on special teams from Summers. I love the name (Frank the Tank) but he need to improve greatly before I see him making this team again.

Demetrius Taylor: former DL listed at 6í0Ē 273 lbs, The one thing I remember from last year was how the Steelers short yardage game looked when Doug Legurshy was in the game. (GOOD)


Heath Miller: an Pro-Bowler enough said.

Matt Spaeth: is the best passing option if something were to happen to Miller, nothing ever happen to Miller. He is the worst blocker for all the TE on the roster.

Sean McHugh: is spot will depend on what happen at the FB position. If FS or DT are legit FB then McHugh valve drops. If not he has little valve.

David Johnson: The best blocking TE not name Miller on the Steelers roster, but catching the ball is not his strength


Max Starks: He had a few poor moments last year, but he also had more good moments. All-Pro: not yet, but he isnít going anywhere.

Chris Kemoeatu: before he got hurt last year, there was talk of him making the Pro-Bowl. Is he going to make everyone forget AF; NO, but he has gotten better each of the past two years.

Justin Hartwig: The word that best describe Hartwig is serviceable. The standard has been high for the Steelers, Webster, Dawson, and even Hartlings and Hartwig isnít in that class, but he isnít bad either. But this will be his last year as a starter with the Steelers, with the drafting of Pouncey, Chris Scott, (2010) and Kraig Urbik and Roman Foster from the 2009 draft class, the Steelers OL is in the process of being reshaped.

Trai Essex: I didnít think he did a bad job last year, but with Pouncey, Foster, and Urbik pushing for playing time, Essex valve become his flexible to play all the positions on the line except center. This will be a camp battle worth watching. He will make the team, but as what Iím not shore.

Willie Colon: I think he is one of the most underrated Steelers on the roster. Yes he get an off sides or hold penalties from time to time, but he is one of the most consist OL the Steelers have. Everyone says, he is better suited for guard, but he isnít a bad tackle.

Ramon Foster: He could push for starter time this year at right guard. Pouncey is the popular choice because he is the new toy, but donít count out Foster

Maurkice Pouncey: if he starts he will follow the same path as Webster, Dawson and Hartlings, but if he is as advertised he should push Hartwig for playing time this year. Besides with Essex, Foster, Urbik in front of him, betting out Hartwig be an easier task.

Kraig Urbik: I donít know what happen with him last year, but he was a road grader in college, and if the Steelers desire to return to an dominate running game, he could be valuable. But this year could determine if he going to be a career backup of someone that push for playing time.

Jonathan Scott: Can play both tackle stops, come on the cheap and new OL coach request that he be signed. If some beat out Essex, Jonathan and Essex will battle it out to see who will be the 1st tackle of the bench.

Chris Scott: Foster lobbied for the Steelers to draft him, but unless he is another Foster, he will be practice squad player this year.

Doug Legursky: Loved him as a blocking back last year, but his future with this team will depend on the development of Pouncey and were he plays. If the Steelers desire is to place Pouncey at guard and KEEP him there, then Legursky can be the backup center. If Pouncey beat out Hartwig for the starting job, Hartwig or Legursky can be the backup

Dorian Brooks and Bradley Vierling look like camp bodies to me this year.



Casey Hampton: Since the Steelers just signed him to a three year deal, I think itís safe to say he will make the team; besides, he one of the best NT in the game.

Chris Hoke: provide an great insurance if anything happen to Hampton, but consider his age, the Steelers need to develop an younger replacement for Hampton. But the question is do the Steelers have that person on their roster at this time.

Scott Paxson: this is the year he makes this team or time he moves on to another. Paxson is not eligible for the PS any longer.

Aaron Smith: When healthy is the best 3-4 end in the game, the issue is health. Two of the last three years Smith did not finish the season.

Ziggy Hood: went though the normal growing pains from college DT to pro 3-4 end. But Ziggy should be the 1st end of the bench this year. This will prolong AS time with the team if Ziggy can take some of the snap.

Brent Keisel: isnít flashy but what 3-4 end is: He is nothing if not solid. His length and understanding of our defense is key to the Steelers be one of the top rated ďDĒ the past four seasons.

Nick Eason: Good backup, sometimes starter if needed. I would personally have Ziggy flip flop between both end positions when one of the starter need a blow, but Eason held his own when he played. Was glad to see the Steelers resign him.

RaíShon Harris: the Steelers tried to cut and resign him last year, but N.C. signed him and when they cut him the Steelers resigned him quickly. They see something in him that they like. Could play DE or NT

Doug Worthington: He is a practice squad player this year UNLESS he can beat out Nick Eason or/and Chris Hoke gets cut injured. Harris could move to NT which would open a spot for Worthington. He will have to excel in special teams to get a hat this year.

Cordarrow Thompson: camp body


James Harrison: didnít have as many ďsplashĒ plays as 2008, but I will take him any day.

LaMarr Woodley: The next great Steelers LB, provided they sign him to a long term deal.

Jason Worilds: all I hear is he is another Woodley in the making, that look good for the Steelers future, but I donít see him being a every down player UNTIL two or three years down the line.

Thaddeus Gibson: I hope he can provide more depth than Frazier or Bailey and play special teams. Good luck trying to break into the starting lineup with the Steelers at OLBís

Andre Frazier: The Steelers thought so high of him that they drafted 2 OLB with Two Pro-Bowler in front of him. Enjoy those two Super Bowl rings.

Derrick Doggett: Special team player if he make the team.

Lindsey Williams: training camp body

James Farrior: for the 1st time since he has been here, I saw some slippage in his game (speed). IF this continues Farrior will be phase out of the starting lineup this year.

Lawrence Timmons: I think he could a Pro-Bowl at outside LB, but with Harrison and Woodley, it good that he can play the inside. Considering his game is speed and explosion, that high ankle sprain hampered his game last year.

Kayaron Fox: While Timmons was out last year, played well: will fight Foote for the 1st ILB off the bench.

Larry Foote: Glad he is back in the fold, should take over for Farrior if he has lost a step

Stevenson Sylvester: Practice squad player this year.


Ike Taylor: If he had hands, he would be a Pro-Bowler

Bryant McFadden: Glad he is back in the fold also: An upgrade over Williams Gay.

William Gay: had a opportunity to be a starter and pissed it away last year. With Townsend gone, he may play the nickel back but he will receive stiff completion from the three DB the Steelers have drafted the last two years.

Keenan Lewis: all reports are that he was injured last season, so we never got a chance to see what he can do. But the Steelers coaches were very high on him at one point, and all reports are they say he playing faster in the OTA and is healthy again.

Joe Burnett: Was drafted to be a special team player and saw playing time last season, and everyone remember the drop INT against Oakland last year. To be honest I donít know what to make of him.

Anthony Madison: If all he does is play a special team, thatís good enough for me.

Crezdon Bulter: The defense coaching staff made a point of mention how well he has done in the OTAís. If he can carry that into training camp, maybe can fine time in nickel of dime this season.

Troy Polamalu: WHEN healthy, the best SS in the game; but two of the last four years, he hasnít been healthy.

Ryan Clark: I for one am glad the Steelers resign him, he is that hard hitting safety that control the middle of the field. TP and RC is one of the best safety tandem in the NFL.

Will Allen: will be an upgrade over Tyrone Carter and a replacement if something happen to TP

Tuff Harris: unless someone get hurt in training camp, I cannot see him making the 53 man roster.

Ryan Mundy: I was disappointed in his play last year. After TC flamed out he had an opportunity to stake him claim and failed.

I know there is other that are on the roster right now, but most of the other have very little chance to make this team. Some could surprise, but it could be just that a surprise. If you have any through or disagree with view point let you voice be heard.

K Train
06-08-2010, 08:24 AM
your randel el description is randel el 5 years ago...he is nothing of any of that anymore.

pouncey has RG on lock and from what im hearing might push to start at center which would be amazing

urbik blows...he and legursky will fight for the final loine roster spot, thats why urbiks been getting reps at center in OTAs cause its do or die for him.

essex will stay, he offers a ton of G/T versatility and same with foster who imo=willie colon. both are heavy footed RTs that are better fits at guard.

jonathan scott will be the primary backup at tackle and will probably take tony hills roster spot

dwyer wil be more valuable than moore, and summers and redman are longshots to make the team...**** summers

sanders and antonio brown will make the roster and compete for playing time, logan may be expendable and i PRAY that one of battle and el gets the axe since i know i wont get both gone...id prefer el gets cut personally

gay will bounce back, madison is an old man and is done....lewis and burnett will get in the roatation ad i wouldnt be surprised if butler takes madisons spot, but i also wouldnt be shocked to see him be roy lewis who the coaches loved last year but ultimately ended up cutting

06-08-2010, 08:32 AM
why did we draft kraig urbik.

was it because of his name, i know some general managers pick players based on their name in later rounds lol.

but his pick blew, i would of preferred william beatty.

06-08-2010, 11:43 AM
why did we draft kraig urbik.

was it because of his name, i know some general managers pick players based on their name in later rounds lol.

but his pick blew, i would of preferred william beatty.

Urbik, 323 pounds....
its the arians factor.....

Urbik is best when blocking for the run. He might be a plodder, but shows the ability to get a good fit and drive the defender off the ball. His leg drive gets him good success to work for position. He is better on the short pull to the front side than when working as a trap blocker off tackle. In the run game, he is a good technician who comes off the ball well with some quickness to position and play with good leverage and hand usage. He has the leg drive to clear the rush lanes and shows good hand placement to root out the defender

His style of play is more suited for a power-oriented attack, as he does not have the agility needed to play in a zone blocking scheme. Even when he gets too tall in his stance, he does a good job of maintaining his anchor, as he comes off the snap low in drive blocking situations. Urbik is a strong straight-line blocker who is adequate at moving down the line, but also shows functional lateral agility and kick slide needed in pass protection. He is generally effective when angle blocking and walling off, as he does a good job staying with his blocks. With his powerful punch, he has had good success drilling blitzing linebackers and neutralizing the bull rush

06-08-2010, 12:20 PM
ok thanks, since he was our second draft pick in 2009 he's suppose to replace essex as the starter... right

tackle starks
guard kemo
center pouncey
guard urbik
tackle colon

thats our future line? could be good but if it needs to be good urbik would be the weakness imo.

06-08-2010, 12:31 PM
ok thanks, since he was our second draft pick in 2009 he's suppose to replace essex as the starter... right

tackle starks
guard kemo
center pouncey
guard urbik
tackle colon

thats our future line? could be good but if it needs to be good urbik would be the weakness imo.

if coach tomlin and arians listen to the FO and run more Urbik maybe a better looking pick this year.

K Train
06-08-2010, 01:09 PM
i dont think urbik has a future with the team

06-08-2010, 01:30 PM
i dont think urbik has a future with the team

k train, you may not like many of the newer picks on offense.. and you may be right that they all stink as players.

but the odds are that arians and the coaches suck more since we actually have so many losers drafted on offense since arians has been here. imo --- coach plays that mold to the players.. not force players to play into your dream offensive playbook...

we are actually bringing back more cowher players, because we cant coach up the young guys to do the job...

i say hold the last 1-3 year old rookies one more year or as long as possible.. until the new OC is in.

K Train
06-08-2010, 02:06 PM
meh...he was never a good prospect...and he was a reach. imo hes the fat version of bruce davis. also a 3rd round pick, also a reach, also a bum, also only got one year to show anything.

drafting pouncey and having their eyes set on iupati as well really tells me about the lack of faith they have in urbiks progress and potential. they drafted pouncey with the intent of playing him at RG. personally i think that happens but if pouncey goes as a center, both essex and foster are better options than urbik and both can play (and have started at) guard and tackle for this team

06-08-2010, 02:47 PM
i think fosters a pretty good player.