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06-02-2010, 02:15 PM
edit TG - this is Marc's article, I just posted it up for him since he was having alittle trouble getting it loaded up.

As many of you know the off-season can be a real strain for writers like myself in terms of coming up with some real, solid football insights (sans Ben Issues) so I will continue to find other ways of entertaining the Nation.

Iím sure like myself, many of you across the country and around the globe have a Steelersí flag that flies proudly from your porch or deck or pole in your yard and Iím also willing to bet you have a very specific set of rules for flying said flag. If you donít, then you can just laugh at those of us who do for we are truly OCD or just ill altogether. For me, flying the Steelersí flag is a very important and timely event and Iíd like to share with you what I call my ĎSteelersí Flag Etiquette.í Some of this is superstition, I cannot deny this. Well, I guess most of it is superstition and that is what has led to me even establishing my bizarre etiquette in the first place. So letís begin by analyzing the Ďgame day flag.'


-Goes up every game day morning and does so under the following guidelines;
- Duh, if the Steelers are playing today, it goes up. If not, does not.
- If the Steelers win, the flag remains in place until the team loses.
- The flag will fly at all times (during win streak) and must be illuminated at night. (There are some fine solar spotlights out there people)
- Should the Steelers lose, the flag will come down at or around dusk.
- This flag shall only fly on game days and yes, this includes pre-season games as well.
- Should the team win the Super Bowl, the flag will remain in place for approximately one month following the victory.
- The flag shall NEVER touch the ground or anything resembling the colors brown, orange, or purple.
- In the event the flag shall become tattered and worn, it shall be retired, not disposed of, but retired to the Ben-Den, or what I call my Steelers' Shrine Room where it shall be folded and placed near other flags and Terrible Towels whose time has since past. A new flag will then be purchased.

The other flag I proudly fly is my 'Steeler Nation Flag' and here are it's rules.


The rules for this flag are as follows...
- May be flown at any time, for any reason. Especially when a Cowboys fan moves in across the street and starts telling you how awesome Tony Romo is and they're going to the Super Bowl this year because their defense is going to be so good and..... Oh crap, lost my way there for a second. Sorry.
-This flag will fly on any important day involving the Steelers. Yes, I know EVERYDAY is an important Steelers' day but work with me here people! These days consist of when the combine is going on, first day of free agency, all days of the draft which may in fact BE everyday in a few years and of course OTA's and the beginning of training camp.
- This flag will also be illuminated during darkness and all inclement weather. We are Steelers' fans for cripes sakes! If we can take it windy, snowy, rainy and cold so can the flag!

What's really funny about all this is that this is the first time I've ever written all of this down. Up to know it's all been in my head which is scary on so many levels, but I digress. My personal flying space is from my deck which overlooks the playground where my kids play and this area gets lots of people through too. I know many of you out there are as passionate about your flag(s) as I am. I look forward to hearing your story.

Marc Uhlmann
www.steeleraddicts.com (http://www.steeleraddicts.com)
Pics courtesy of www.flagpro.com (http://www.flagpro.com) and smitty 42 on ebay (where I bought my flag)

06-02-2010, 02:43 PM
Good read.

Mine goes up at the beginning of the regular season and comes down day after the SB. :cope: