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04-09-2010, 11:33 AM
Here is what Ed Bouchette of The Post Gazette had to say today.
Ed: Even Exonerated, Holmes Unlikely to get Extension

Written by Ed Bouchette
Friday, April 09, 2010 08:31 AM
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Good morning,

I’d venture a wild guess and say the indisputable evidence (isn’t that what they need on replay challenge?) that the attorney for Santonio Holmes sent the investigators in Orlando is a video, probably taken on someone’s cell phone. They’re all the rage, you know.

And I will bet that video shows someone else throwing the drink at the young lady and not Holmes. That would end that quickly, I would assume, and that is why his attorney is talking so confidently.

So that would clear Holmes with the cops in Orlando. I’m not so sure it necessarily clears him with the Steelers. There are still those inane tweets and other run-ins with the law along the way, and I keep hearing he’s not the best of teammates. He’s not a leader, nowhere near what Hines Ward has been. They’ve had a few of those through the years and just put up with them. But I’m not sure they want to put up with Holmes anymore. This is not my opinion, this is just what I keep hearing.

To extend him now would take crazy money and I do not think he’s worth it. I heard on local talk radio here the other day someone say that Holmes is “an emerging superstar.’’ Oh, really? To revise an old quote from another former “emerging superstar” at the same position, Troy Edwards, “What he done?’’

Yes, he is a Super Bowl MVP (I voted for James Harrison and if I had a second vote it would have gone to Ben Roethlisberger). But he’s played in the league for four years now and he’s not sniffed a Pro Bowl and he got his first 1,000-yard season in 2009. Usually, emerging superstars have emerged by that time. And if you do not make an all-star team, I don’t know if you can even be labeled a “star” never mind a “superstar.’’

Holmes is a good receiver, no doubt. But Mike Wallace got off to a faster start as a rookie and has more speed and more upside. Maybe as the Steelers see it, they could move Wallace up to his spot in 2011 – or even sooner? – and go from there. They signed two veteran free agents, still have Ward and who knows who might emerge along the way through the draft, Limas Sweed, etc. It’s not that much of a stretch.

Anyway, that’s not all my opinion, as I said; most of it is based on what I’m hearing. There is also the matter that no one has brought up -- Holmes will have five years experience after this season. If there is no new CBA, he would become a restricted free agent, not unrestricted, next year.