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Hello all,
Just joined today. I've been a Steelers fan for all of my 39 years. I have the distinct pleasure of being the only Steelers fan in a neighborhood full of Bears and Packers fans, so Sundays are quite interesting. Anyway, I too am disappointed with some of Ben's decisions as the face of the franchise. The Rooney's have made it a point throughout their ownership to represent the city of Pittsburgh and the NFL in a manner that has other teams trying to model their philosophy of not only winning, but of moral standards and competative respect. I hope that the Rooney's and Tomlin take Ben down a notch with some type of strict talk, contract language, or fine. He needs to re-evaluate and reflect on the opportunity and position that he is so fortunate to have obtained.
I remember Bradshaw's speech at Canton, when he looked and pointed to the sky in reference to Art Rooney and he said, "I loved that man." I only wished Ben would understand the value and importance of a statement like that and how it affected the face of the franchise so many years ago. I truly think Bradshaw would have liked things to turn out differently than they did towards the end of his career. He has since made amends with Noll and the city. (Better late than never.) However, Ben needs to begin the reconcilation process with the city guilty or not before it's too late. Check your ego at the door and do what's right by the organization and the fans of Steelers Nation. :cope:

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