View Full Version : trading down in the draft?

02-14-2010, 12:12 AM
ok. i've never really understood trading down for a draft pick. If the player you want is on the board and you have a high pick why not just take him then instead of trading down to attempt to get him?

02-14-2010, 12:51 AM
so you can attain more picks later in the draft wile still getting the player you want early... just not too early

02-14-2010, 02:41 AM

if you trade down (keyword trade), another team will trade their lower pick with you plus give you another pick in a later round (or sometimes player.

02-14-2010, 10:39 AM
You also have to look at current salaries for rookies. The lower the player is selected the cheaper he is.

A Pac
02-14-2010, 10:45 AM
Trading down can be very beneficial for a team: as long as you get the right price. We all saw the Browns trade down a million times last year and almost everyone agreed that they didn't get much value for the trades. They traded their 5th overall pick for the Jets' first, a second and a couple of over the hill players on defense. They could have gotten a lot more. Then, they went and traded down two more times while getting the other teams' first rounders and each of their sixth rounders. They could have gotten a lot more and they didn't. It's all about the asking price that will determine if a team trades down or not.

02-16-2010, 09:59 AM
IMO the steelers work like this: They have about 10+ guys they like at #18 (this includes guys like Suh and Berry who are all but unreachable) people who they THINK have #18 overall VALUE. If nobody on their board is there at #18 they will assess the draft so far (runs on positions like OL/DL always do these days) They see what team offers what and trade back from there. Why draft a guy like Cody or Spikes at #18 if you dont have them rated that high!? Trade back to 22+ and take them where you think they are valued!