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01-04-2010, 06:48 PM
Two kicks and two catches. On the surface, that was the only difference between the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers and the 2009 version. If Jeff Reed makes two field goals against Chicago that he usually makes; if Limas Sweed catches the ball right in his belly against Cincinnati; and if Joe Burnett catches the easy ball in his chest against Oakland, the Steelers would have matched their 12-4 record of a year ago. Wipe out the two ridiculous kick returns against Cincinnati and Kansas City and the record is even better. And yet another loss was a three-point overtime game in Baltimore with an infant quarterback. All told, the Steelers lost five games by three points and another by six. The only game they were handled easily, astonishingly, was against the Cleveland Browns, and that was only by seven. The Steelers are the only team in the NFL this year that did not lose any game by more than a touchdown.

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01-04-2010, 08:31 PM
There is no doubt after reading all of that above that it's even more dissapointing to look back and see how many games that could have been won and should have been won that werent won. This Steelers team grossly underacheived this season in so many ways I dont know where to begin. But looking back at all of those plays mentioned above such as the two Reed FG misses in Chicago, the drop TD by Sweed in Cincy, or the Burnett INT drop against Oakland and many others that was the story of the Steelers pretty much all season long. In every game they did lose they always seemed to do just enough to lose that game and fail and fail miserably to make the one or two extra plays neccessary to give them enough to win those games. This Steelers team despite losing Troy and Aaron Smith was still in position time after time to still win 11 or 12 games this season and they failed to do so. And Ive said it before and Ill say it again for as much talent as this Steelers team had going into the season as defending champs for them to not even make the playoffs especially with one of the easiest schedules in the NFL is an absolute disgrace and flat out unacceptable. But that's the reality of the situation and that's what the players and us as diehard Steelers fans have to live with until Training Camp and next September when the ball is kicked off for real again. .

All we can hope for is that changes are made and that the players that are on the team next year that were here this year which there will be many will take this past season and use it as incentive and motivation to not take anything for granted and come back with a drive and a purpose to get back to the playoffs and compete for another Super Bowl much like we are use to here in Pittsburgh