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12-28-2009, 08:03 AM

Sources: Bucs may make run at Cowher

By Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen


After turning down chances to return to the NFL in previous offseasons, former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher is primed to get back in the game this time.

Those who know Cowher firmly believe that he plans to coach in 2010, according to two league sources. He is laying the groundwork, making calls to piece together a coaching staff and acting like a man who will be patrolling the sidelines once again next season.

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Many around the league have expected Cowher's name to surface in connection to the Carolina job, and it might. But others also believe that a more likely landing spot might be the Panthers' division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Over the past year, Tampa Bay has undergone more changes than any NFL team. More are coming. At the very least, associate head coach/special teams coach Rich Bisaccia is expected to leave the staff. He's widely considered to be on his way to join the University of Tennessee coaching staff, but could also get looks as a college head coach.

Defensive line coach Robert Nunn and defensive backs coach Joe Baker were part of the Jim Bates package, and will not return.

And now there is an increasing sentiment within the Buccaneers' organization that head coach Raheem Morris will be one-and-done. Two weeks ago, CBS announcer Rich Gannon criticized the way Buccaneers' practices are run, the latest example of the job being too big for Morris right now.

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If the Buccaneers decide to part ways with Morris as well, multiple people around the league think Tampa Bay will wind up making a run at Cowher.

League sources labeled as erroneous any speculation that the Glazer family, which owns the Bucs, may be too financially strapped to pursue Cowher. One source added that Joel Glazer, one of the team's owners, recently has expressed strong admiration for Cowher to other owners.

Additionally, those who know the Glazer family noted that they are always prepared to do the dramatic, citing the firing of Tony Dungy and the acquisition of then-Raiders coach Jon Gruden, Dungy's successor, in which the Bucs sent multiple draft picks, including two first-rounders, and $8 million cash to Oakland.

12-28-2009, 08:33 AM
Anybody with half a brain knows BC will coach again; he needed a break from the sidelines after getting burnt out from his time in Pittsburgh. He's spent the last 2 years in the cozy CBS analyst chair, and personally I think he's done a real good job but you know his competitive nature won't stay buried in the office forever.

Bucs, Browns, & Panthers should all be courting Cowher this offseason. If the Redskins had any sense whatsoever they would too but he'll never stand to work with an owner like Snyder who doesn't know his football *** from a hole in the ground.

12-28-2009, 08:43 AM
Panthers would easily be the best fit. It's his hometown, he would have two dynamic backs and a good defense (when the other Kemo is healthy). That's signature Cowher right there. Moore also looks like he's a starting caliber QB based on his performance against the Giants.

12-28-2009, 08:52 AM
Man that pic gets me everytime! He looks like a jackass!

BC will make a diffrence to any team he goes to! Just leave Colbert the F alone!!

12-28-2009, 08:54 AM
I'm sure his first choice would be Carolina, that would be a no brainer for him for those reasons you just mentioned. I've always felt like Carolina was the NFC version of the Steelers; their philosophy has always been very similar to ours. The like to run it, be physical on defense, use the passing game to complement the run, get a lead in the first half and then grind the clock to finish it out, etc.

If Carolina finishes strong though, they'll be more apt to keep Fox around as the HC; but his loyalty to Delhomme could be his downfall.

12-28-2009, 10:21 AM
Well Richardson LOVES Coward so i see him coming here, they have a power running game which Coward loves an they just might have found there QB of the Future in Moore someone to manage the game, i would be surprise if Coward went else where, Carolina is a good coach away from being back in the SuperBowl.........But then again he could be going to the highest bidder, cause he wanted mad cash from the Rooneys for that 1 superbowl out of 15 years of coaching:lol:

12-28-2009, 11:31 AM
There's a rumor going around that Bill Cowher will return to head coaching in the NFL next season and the team he'll take over will be the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And the Bucs aren't doing anything to stop the rumor from rolling, according to the Tampa Tribune.
Current head coach Raheem Morris has only been in the position for one year and has a lot of room for improvement. The Bucs were 3-12 this season, good for third worst in the league.

While the temptation of Cowher may prove too strong for the Bucs' owners, the team's rally from 17 points gown to beat the New Orleans Saints in overtime has apparently gained him some respect that either will help keep him in the organization or certainly help him get a new gig somewhere else.Another team to add to the list of where Cowher will be playing next year.....

12-28-2009, 11:33 AM
saw this yesterday...that would make my sister in law the happiest bucs fan in the world, lol

12-28-2009, 12:06 PM
Let the jaw hang out and let the spit fly!

12-28-2009, 01:39 PM
I personally hope that he takes a job anywhere but here within the division. No way would I or could I see BC coaching the clowns. That would be too hideous to even think about.

12-28-2009, 04:00 PM
I have mixed emotions here. I know Cowher's a great coach and all but I was really hoping they would give Morris another year to build on what they've started.

12-28-2009, 08:03 PM
Anybody with half a brain knows BC will coach again; he needed a break from the sidelines after getting burnt out from his time in Pittsburgh. He's spent the last 2 years in the cozy CBS analyst chair, and personally I think he's done a real good job but you know his competitive nature won't stay buried in the office forever.

He needed a break but he'll come back and make in a year or so what the Rooneys would have paid him for the last 3 years. I think it's more $$$ and ego than competitive nature. I agree that he has done a good job on Sundays. I thought he pretty muched sucked the first year but he does a very good job now.

Panthers would easily be the best fit. It's his hometown,

He lives in Raleigh not Charlotte. Cleveland would be more of his hometown because it's closer to Pittsburgh than Charlotte is to Raleigh. :greengrin:

Man that pic gets me everytime! He looks like a jackass!

:lol: Yes he does! What a Jagoff!

But then again he could be going to the highest bidder, cause he wanted mad cash from the Rooneys for that 1 superbowl out of 15 years of coaching:lol:

I'm sure that wll be a big part of it. I believe it was all a very smart and calculated move by Bill and his agent. Take a couple years off...stay in the spotlight and your value will grow. It certainly has and he's about to hit the jackpot...he's a good coach who's about to be paid as a great coach. Good for him but my guess is his second time around will be a harder road with less succcess. I only hope he signs with a team who doesn't make the playoffs next week because I'm tired of hearing about him.

12-30-2009, 07:47 AM
Thought this was a good article on the subject...copied it from the Bucs Board. Do y'all think this is a fair assessment of Cowher??

By JOE HENDERSON | The Tampa Tribune

Published: December 29, 2009

There's no question it's tempting to imagine what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would look like next season with "The Jaw" prowling the sidelines, barking orders and imposing his considerable force of will. Forget for a moment whether the Bucs actually could land Bill Cowher -- or if the Glazers even want to -- and just focus on that vision.

With all respect to Raheem Morris, Cowher would give the organization and the city a triple-sized shot of adrenaline. The buzz would be back.

So just do it, right?

I know the Bucs are playing better and responding well to Morris, but the NFL is filled with mediocre teams who mask bad seasons with a nice run in December, only to start off 1-6 the following year. If the Glazers decide Cowher is their guy, go get him no matter what happens this Sunday against Atlanta.

But there's an issue to me that is much more important than the estimated $8 million a year the Glazers would have to fork over for Cowher.

Cowher is expected to want total control of football operations wherever he lands -- something he did not have in Pittsburgh. He'll want to decide who is drafted, who stays, who goes -- all that stuff. Maybe you trust his football mind enough to do that.

Or maybe, like me, you think that's a caution light.

I keep thinking back to a night just a few weeks after the Bucs won the Super Bowl in 2003. They were the model organization then, led by the brilliant fireball coach Jon Gruden and General Manager Rich McKay, who put the pieces together.

But it all started coming apart at a hotel where NFL owners and officials were meeting. Gruden mouthed off to reporters about McKay, ripping his GM in public for this and that. Closer inspection exposed a rift between the two that came down to one of the oldest problems in the book -- a power struggle.

As a coach, Gruden lived in the moment. If he saw something he liked in a player, he pushed McKay to go get that guy immediately, no matter the cost to long-term growth.

McKay had a different approach. He believed in building an organization that could be, in his words, "in the hunt" every year for a title. Sometimes that meant letting players develop for two or three years before they became contributors. Gruden didn't have the patience for that.

That difference in approaches wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

Gruden, for all his mercurial ways, could be a brilliant coach. I mean, the man turned Brad Johnson into a Super Bowl-winning quarterback. He also knew enough to stay out of Monte Kiffin's defense.

But that separation of church and state, so to speak, fell apart when Gruden's tirade went public. Instead of pulling both men into a room and reminding them that together they had just won the Lombardi Trophy, the Glazers ultimately sided with Gruden. They gave him the control he demanded, including hand-chosen GM/puppet Bruce Allen. What followed was a mishmash that perfectly mirrored Gruden's frenetic style.

The Bucs changed quarterbacks as often as people do socks. They got old because it takes time to win with young players. Their drafts were inconsistent and often unproductive.

We saw the result.

I'm not saying that would happen if Cowher came here.

But if I'm the Glazers and trying to plot the future direction of my franchise, I have to think awfully hard about setting up another system with an unchecked strong man at the top.

I already hear the counter arguments, and they are good ones. Current General Manager Mark Dominik squandered a lot of money this year on the likes of Mike Nugent, Michael Clayton, Angelo Crowell, Luke McCown and so on. They went through two coordinators and three quarterbacks. They lost a lot of games.

They lost a lot of goodwill in the community.

I also wonder, though, if a single all-powerful coach/GM would have had the patience to draft Josh Freeman with the No. 1 pick, knowing how many other needs there were on this team. I doubt Gruden would have, but that doesn't mean Cowher would have the same approach if he comes here.

You build an organization through checks and balances. Sometimes a coach has to be told "no" even if it means a few short-term losses now. Would General Manager Cowher be willing to tell Coach Cowher that he'll just have to suck it up for the time being?


But if this thing ever gets to the point where the Glazers and Cowher sit down face-to-face, they better look past Cowher's jaw and focus more on how he plans to get this done. If they trust him, then fine. Go for it.

But that caution light continues to blink.