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12-07-2009, 04:45 PM
Why does this matter when we already have a franchise QB? Simple, Clausen is a franchise type QB whether you hate Notre Dame or not. Mel Kiper already has elevated Jimmy to 4th overall and the first QB taken. What this will do is shift some other players down a notch. I believe there will be other underclassmen who will also declare that will move into the top 10. Clausen is a great quarterback on a bad team.

Regardless of Notre Dame's recent decision to fire head coach Charlie Weis, it's unlikely that Clausen would've returned to play another year for the Irish.

On the heels of a 28 touchdown, 4 interception junior campaign, Clausen is well-positioned to be one of the first 10 players selected in the April draft.

Like any other draft, there are several NFL organizations who are desperately seeking their next franchise quarterback. Let's take a look at a few teams who might add Clausen to their short list:

5. Washington Redskins/Projected Pick No.: 6


Daniel Snyder badly wants a big name quarterback, and he's exactly the type of guy who would be enamoured with the success that some top QB picks have had, of late, early in their careers.

4. Oakland Raiders/Projected Pick No.: 8


JaMarcus Russell is light years away from becoming a mediocre NFL quarterback. Bruce Gradkowski is a stop-gap. Jimmy Clausen is a polished system QB, and a big name who will help fill the seats.

3. Seattle Seahawks/Projected Pick No.: 11


Matt Hasselbeck is 34. Aside from Justin Forsett, the Seahawks appear to lack foundational talent, and they have to start rebuilding (enter new GM).

Clausen has trained for three years in a pro-style system, and one would think that the transition to Seattle's West Coast offense would be fairly seamless. He could sit behind Hasselbeck for one or two years, before taking the reins.

2. Buffalo Bills/Projected Pick No.: 7


The Bills and their fan base seem to have turned sour on Trent Edwards. With the team struggling (and struggling to stay in Buffalo), a nationally recognized QB prospect could bring the spotlight back to Northwest New York State in a way that Terrell Owens could not.

The Bills have quality skill players on offense, and a fairly stout defense. With a Matt Ryan- or Joe Flacco-like addition, they could find themselves back in the playoffs shortly.

1. St. Louis Rams/Projected Pick: No. 2


Let's face it, the Rams need a quarterback. Mark Bulger is finished, and Kyle Boller is a poor man's David Carr.

Sam Bradford is a risky pick with his injury issues, and Jake Locker is awfully raw, and won't be ready to start anytime soon. Clausen could potentially step in off the bat next season, and set the franchise on a new ground.

K Train
12-07-2009, 04:56 PM
He will certainly be the first QB taken

12-07-2009, 05:11 PM
He will certainly be the first QB taken

If we didn't have Big Ben I would be wishing for a Clausen myself. The kid broke nearly every high school passing record out there. He will be somebodies franchise QB. Only reason I thought it worth mentioning is that it moves other prospects down. And if we get a few more underclassmen of his caliber declaring it sweetens the whole pot and increases our chances of getting what we need.

Golden Tate (WR) who was Clausen's favorite target has also declared. He is being projected going somewhere between 25-40.

Tate, a 5'11" junior out of Hendersonville, Tennessee, leaves Notre Dame as one of the most prolific receivers in the program's long history.

Catching 93 balls for almost 1,500 yards through the air (both single-season school records), Tate hauled in 15 touchdowns from Clausen.