View Full Version : The Steelers game with Green Bay on December 20th...

12-03-2009, 05:36 PM
Looks like at this point it has a better then 50/50 chance of getting flexed from 1 o clock to Sunday night if you take a look at all the games schedueled on that weekend. The current game they have on there now for that weekend is Minnesota@Carolina. Even though Brett Favre is a big ratings draw now with the way the Vikings are playing I dont see them leaving that game on Sunday night seeing that the Panthers are out of playoff contention. Plus, the Vikings are on Sunday night this weekend against Arizona which might make them want to move that game even more.

The only other game that would have a chance at getting flexed that weekend that has two playoff teams playing each other is Cincy@San Diego. You could make an argument as well for Philly and San Francisco as well but at this point if you have tickets for that game or have plans for that game it looks like there is a very good chance it could be moved to Sunday night football on NBC seeing that both the Steelers and the Packers should both be very much alive for wildcard playoffs spots in two weeks time. We will know officially come next Monday or Tuesday since the NFL is suppose to give no later then a 12-13 day notice before they officially inform both teams of the flexing of the game to Sunday night...

12-03-2009, 06:20 PM
Cincy / SD would be a good game (GO CHARGERS!!!!). But I could see them changing the Steelers / Packers to the late game; I hope they do. I'll definitely have to go out for that game though. Definitely can't watch it at home. I tend to speak a lot of French during Steelers games lately.