View Full Version : Indy Brings Back Hart

Phenomenal TJ
12-02-2009, 11:19 PM
I was squeezing in a rare workout on Wednesday, in an effort to drop some of the five pounds gained over Thanksgiving weekend in time to gain 10 between Christmas and New Year's Day. And in periodically checking the official PFT Sprint Blackberry Tour, I noticed an e-mail from the Colts, announcing a few roster moves.

I decided not to forward the thing to MDS and/or Rosenthal, since it's impossible to keep up with all the minute and mundane details of December roster moves.

But with running back DeDe Dorsey being linked to the Browns and many of you wondering why Mike Hart is out of work, I decided after further reflection to point out that Hart, once regarded as a high-end NFL prospect, has been added to Indy's active roster.