View Full Version : Bengals Poem (11/15/09)

11-21-2009, 11:49 AM
Not an easy one to write .. :(

Last week we played our 2nd game against the Bengal kitties
Unfortunately, they were able to beat us in both cities

We’d hoped to avenge our loss in September
But that wasn’t going to happen on this day in November

Troy got hurt again early and the game would only get worse
There has to be something to this Madden Curse?

The Steelers never got their usual rhythm flowing
And really neither offense could get anything going

Both teams attempt opening drive field goal kicks
They missed - we scored - but then they returned one for six

This game was basically a field goal war
And that kickoff return would be the deciding score

One last chance with 2:00 to go
Usually this is when Ben puts on a show

But it just wasn’t our day - it’s hard to win them all
We’re just so used to winning with Steelers football

Meanwhile for the Bengals a sweep is what they get
But with 7 games to go the division is not theirs yet

All we can do is just get back to winning
And against the Chiefs on Sunday would be a good beginning

The Chiefs may be losing but Arrowhead will be loud
Let’s cheer on our Steelers - we’re Black and Gold proud!