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As the lone Steeler fan in a family of Ravens fans I want to let you know, I don't hesitate to represent. Living in Baltimore I have to chuckle at the obsession the Raven fanatics have with the Steelers. The hate, envy, & jealousy of all things black & gold can get extreme in my home town but I have been a Steeler fan since the 70's & I see no reason to change my loyalties now. The best part (besides the Steeler domination over the Ravens) is that as a member of Steeler Nation I WILL ALWAYS follow the high road & keep it classy when I'm pushed to engage in the trash talk that is too rampant down here. I grew up idolizing Johnny Unitas & Brooks Robinson, true Baltimore sports legends & icons. There are no such figures to be found in Baltimore nowadays. That is why I am thankful for the Steelers. Setting a standard unmatched in sports today, a team I am proud to root for. GO STEELERS!!

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Even baltimore has STEELERS FANS!!

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