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10-17-2009, 02:24 PM
I've been thinking a lot lately about Steelers and next years draft. For some reason i find it extra important than the other years ivebeen following the Steelers. Im not sure if its because our defence is getting older and its hurting us right now, if its because our o-line is rather poor (rather), or what it is, but i am pretty certain that next years draft class is going to be important.

The thing is, im not actually sure what i would like Steelers to draft. I know this is still early in the season and all, but i think we are starting to see a patern.

We need a new left tackle at some point. Our right side is playing pretty good, and Kemo is serviceable. Urbik may or may not get his act together, if not we could use a guard at one point, but with foster and legursky playing really well, i don't think they'll adress that now. So who is out there? a lot of mocks have us going with Black in the first round, but i see a lot of mocks also claiming that he is not very fit for a LT. And the question really is: Do we need to go LT in the first round? Is the need really that big?

Hampton is most likely out of here, which makes ou 3-4 system broken. With Aaron Smith getting older, we need to either fill up on that line, or start converting into a 4-3 or maybe a hybrid at some point - While i wouldnt like that very much (im a big fan of 3-4), i believe Tomlin is very familiar with that kind of system (didnt he coach that?). My thoughts are, if we could get a guy like Terrence Cody im all up for that obviously, but i am doubting that it will ever happen so the question here is, is there any actual prospects other than Cody who are worthy a first round pick, and who'll step in and make immediate impact on the line?

Clark and Carter is in a contract year, and i could see Clark leaving and Carter should never ever be a starter. Clark is a pretty good run stopper, and he hits like a truck, but he is not very good in coverage, which Steelers kind of need in LeBeus system. Imo, Safety could very well be the option Steelers aim for in the first round, seeing there is an amazing amount of talent in next years draft.

ILB could be an option as well. Farrior is not getting any younger, and honestly he is not playing all that well anymore so far at least. Timmons is not the best run-stopper in the world, but he owns in coverage, aother way around with Farrior, which means Steelers would be looking for a ILB who is good against the run - Obviously, this all depends on what happens on that line, which is why i am finding it so hard to figure out whats going to happen.

RB - I am finding this very unlikely, but many have Steelers going with a RB in the first round, so you have sort of a two-headed monster in Mendenhall and whoever. I am not thinkin that this would ever happen, but its an option i guess.

I actually think they could pick a CB as well. The depth behind Ike and Gay is not great. We really dont know what we've got in Lewis (who may be switched to Safety) and burnett so far, and gay isnt doing a very good job so far. Im not giving up on the guy yet, but a CB wouldnt surprice me all that much.

That actually means that we could pretty much draft at all defensive positions, and on the o-line. The more im reading into it, the more i think that Steelers might just end up with going with the best available option when its their turn to draft, but i can say that im honestly not sure. What would you draft gurus do if you were Coach tomlin or Colbert?

edit: I kind of forgot Center - I think its pretty obvious that we are goign to need a center sooner or later, but i dont really see all that much talent on the center position this year?

K Train
10-23-2009, 07:12 PM
threads like this get me fired up lol

oline...tackle or center even though i believe we will never address this issue. colon could possibly walk which would make ciron black look like a beautiful thing. i like jd walton from baylor as the top senior center.

safety....eric berry would be my dream pick i would want no part of mays.

i kinda like kyle wilson from boise at corner.

cody would be AMAZING....but i think he will be a dolphin. which pisses me off. but i agree they might want to look for some 43 ends....like selvie.

i think RB is always a possibility, someone like spiller who is an olympic-like sprinter would be like felix jones or jamaal charles in the pros. willie will be gone, it will make sense to have 2 options.

wr i doubt it unless bryant or benn plummet

i could see spikes falling like maualuga....but i could see him going high like willis, but he would be the perfect hammer next to timmons in the middle

Black@Gold Forever32
10-23-2009, 07:28 PM
Spikes to add to the LB core would be very sweet......I really havn't given the draft needs much thought yet which is unusual for me......Still a ton of college ball left to....

But both lines need to be looked at especially if we lose FA's on both sides of the line........I think safety and LB should be addressed as well......I wouldn't be against the team adding a RB especially if Parker is gone.....

K Train
10-23-2009, 07:36 PM
guys like spiller and dwyer could be serious options

the oline despite their shortcomings have played very well this year....but damnit i want a real LT

10-25-2009, 11:00 AM
guys like spiller and dwyer could be serious options

the oline despite their shortcomings have played very well this year....but damnit i want a real LT

If colon is gone after this season, they could put starks at RT (which i believe he would dominate), and go for a LT - My only problem is, as i said, i dont see us anywhere near a starting LT at all this year.

K Train
10-25-2009, 12:20 PM
i have my eye on ciron black

i also like allen bailey from miami, pure power. can plat DE or DT in any scheme

10-25-2009, 11:30 PM
I dont see Brandon Spikes being on the board when we pick or the other person i really want is Taylor Mays the Safety from USC.But i dont see him being there when we pick,SO maybe they'll go RB and maybe CJ Spiller from Clemson or Dyer from GT.I would go safety tho first pick,because Clark is gonna leave and Carter is old.So that leaves : Taylor Mays FS (Southern Cal),Eric Berry SS (Tennessee),Morgan Burnett SS (Georgia Tech) are the top 3 in the country right now i doubt one of them will be on left when we pick,but they are pick one up!!!the other ones that would fit in good.Reshad Jones FS (Georgia)JR,Barry Church SS (Toledo),Darrell Stuckey SS (Kansas),Deunta Williams FS (North Carolina),Bo McNally SS (Stanford),Kurt Coleman SS (Ohio State)....Just to name a few there are more.

12-01-2009, 02:45 PM
IMO Pittsburgh should try every way possible to keep Clark. The big plays they give up are more along the lines of not having a shut down corner back. Ike Taylor is who they look to for shutting down other teams top WR, and he just isnt getting it done. He's always given up big plays, and it almost makes me sick to watch. They will get big stops on 1st and 2nd downs the Ike Taylor gets beat on 3rd down.. Pittsburgh needs to draft a CB with solid potential and build him into a CB who make offensive play callers go the other way.. Ike Taylor isnt getting it done. He was torched the entire game last sunday night vs the Ravens. Its hard watching a good defense look bad, bc one play gets beat on the same double move every single time lol.. They need to draft a CB

K Train
12-01-2009, 03:04 PM
this years CB class is **** at the top, i hate hayden, and robinson is ok....but if your taking a corner in the first they better be stud.

ghee, wilson and cox are alright prospects.

brandon spikes stock is slipping, i would love that pick

12-01-2009, 10:51 PM
i have my eye on ciron black

I like him too along with Cody, and Dan Williams from Tennessee. Williams has moved way up on some boards (he is ranked 21 overall on scout.com).

Keep in mind that at the present time we would be drafting 17th overall. I do expect us to drop back a few spots if we win a few more games but I don't see us drafting any later than 22nd. That puts a lot of good players including Black, Cody, or Williams well within our grasp.

12-02-2009, 08:28 AM
We could probably get Phil Taylor too. I just don't think he'll go early, because of his background. Cody will go before, that im pretty sure of.

12-02-2009, 11:16 AM
We could probably get Phil Taylor too.

The Steelers have always shyed away from drafting players who are perceived to be problems. Can you name the last time they drafted a player like that? Especially a first rounder who you have to pay big bucks for.

K Train
12-02-2009, 12:02 PM
phil taylor is not a problem child. hes very intelligent, he will interview very well and his decision to transfer to baylor was a very mature one being that he did it based on one of the coaches was formally at PSU and was like a father figure to him. hes not piece of **** thug, he just got into a fight one night.

12-02-2009, 12:18 PM
phil taylor is not a problem child. hes very intelligent, he will interview very well and his decision to transfer to baylor was a very mature one being that he did it based on one of the coaches was formally at PSU and was like a father figure to him. hes not piece of **** thug, he just got into a fight one night.

Which is exactly why i think we'll have a shot at him, and why i think he'll fall too. I think Steelers are smart enough to know that this kid is class. I mean, they wanted Oher, and he has had hes trouble off the field (not saying violence or anything, but we all know the story) - And for some reason, guys who have had some sort of thing outside of the field always slips a little. Although you are very right BlackGold4vr, Steelers don't draft trouble makers - I am going to mention plex tho (even tho i don't know if he had any off-field trouble when we drafted him, he was a diva in college already :P)

12-02-2009, 12:39 PM
Joe Paterno made the biggest mistake in letting this guy go. Baylor got a stud DL. I wish he never left PSU. The guy is sick.