View Full Version : Concerning our D and ST

11-13-2006, 08:00 AM
As happy as I am that we won yesterday, I must admit that I'm worried about upcoming games because of our ST (namely Jeff Reed right now) and inconsistent D.

The Browns have won 2 games that I didn't think they had a chance in heck of winning. I didn't get to see either of those, so I'm not sure if they won due to the opposing team's incompetence, or just because they've gotten better.

So my question is two-fold.
1. Who here saw those games?
2. If our ST and D makes as many mistakes in the game against Cleveland as they did against the Saints, will we win?

I'm just gonna go ahead and take for granted that we've lost the "dropsies", and that will no longer be a factor...too painful right now to think that would resurface.

11-13-2006, 11:47 AM
The Saints do have an explosive offense, but I still don't see how the D gave up over 500 yards of offense... based on the scores of other games though I think all the planets moons and stars were lined up yesterday because there was a whole lot of offense throughout the league. This game was just a hiccup for the Steelers D and they will respond next week especially against their division rivals... you can count on that!! :bigthumb:

ST... that's another issue and the Browns are good with both the punt and kick return. Norhtcut leads the league with like 14 yards per punt return while Josh Cribbs is 4th in the league for kickoff returns. The Steelers will need to be on top of their game to slow these guys down because they are good and ST has been killing the Steelers all year, especially, Jeff Reed!!!! Reed has taken a step back and I am starting to think the super bowl has had the biggest effect on him alone because he was making all the appearances he possibly could in the off season and the dude is only a freaking kicker!!!

Reed is 11/16 this year (69%) at this rate the Steelers should have hung onto Brown because he is 11/15 :lol: I don't think Heinz field can be blamed for the misses either because we have talked about Reed missing kicks since the first pre season game against the Cardinals. Maybe he's just in a funk and will come of out it soon like the rest of the team is starting to to :crossfingers:

11-13-2006, 12:19 PM
Plain and simple, if the Steelers play the way they are "capable" of playing; the browns don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning.

That being said, this is a divisional game, both teams are tied for last in the division so the loser of this one will be at the bottom. Also the Steelers haven't played completely up to their potential all year with the exception of yesterday and the Chiefs game. It's going to be a fight, the teams hate each other, its a hostile environment so we're going to need our A game to rattle French Fry and stop that offense.