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Sir Blitzelot
09-09-2009, 07:13 PM
It was Week 16 of the 2008 season and the number one seed in the AFC was on the line between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans. Late in the fourth quarter, with the Steelers trailing 24-14, Ben Roethlisberger’s pass was intercepted by Michael Griffin. Griffin would return the interception for a touchdown to seal the victory for the Titans. While Griffin celebrated in the end zone, the camera switched to Tennessee’s sideline, where LenDale White and Bo Scaife were seen stomping a Terrible Towel. Titan’s linebacker, Keith Bulluck, was also seen blowing his nose in the towel.

Many found these images to be very disrespectful and offensive. It seemed that a rematch between these two teams in the playoffs was inevitable, it would be there that the Steelers would get their opportunity to avenge the Terrible Towel. But, the much anticipated rematch never happened. The Titans would fall to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Divisional round. The Titan’s would have to watch the remainder of the 2008 playoffs from the comfort of home. The Steelers, as we all know, would go on to win Super Bowl XLIII and now enter the 2009 season as the defending champions, and the first opponent on the Steelers 2009 schedule is none other than the Tennessee Titans.

The Terrible Towel was invented by legendary Steelers’ broadcaster, Myron Cope, in 1975, and has been a Pittsburgh staple ever since. The towel is more than a piece of cloth, it is the symbol of Steeler nation. Everyone knows that you are not a true Steelers fan, unless you have a Terrible Towel. Fans have been seen waving the Terrible Towel from all over the world and even in space. Steelers fans do not see them as just a “gimmick”. The towels represent the Pittsburgh Steelers and the city of Pittsburgh itself. When teams disrespect the Terrible Towel it is a slap in the face to the Steelers’ organization, and everything that the Pittsburgh Steelers stand for.

The Steelers, Titans game will take place in Pittsburgh on September 10th. The atmosphere will be absolutely electric. The Titans’ actions from last season will not soon be forgotten by the Pittsburgh Steelers or their fans. NFL fans can expect a lot of bad blood to be spilled throughout this game. The Steelers will have one thing on their mind, revenge. Defeating the Titans will be no easy task. They have one of the best defenses in the league to go along with a devastating rushing attack, with Chris Johnson and LenDale White. The Steelers will be looking to go 1-0 to begin their 2009 campaign, in front of a sold out crowd at Heinz Field, who will be proudly waving their Terrible Towels.

Michael C. Smith

09-09-2009, 09:13 PM
well written, its these sort of story lines that make me a sports fan