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09-09-2009, 09:48 AM
The 2009 season is finally here-to SteelerNation this poem i send
Our beloved 6x world champions Sixburgh Steelers are back to defend
SteelerNation get out your :towelwave:, banners, face paint and fire up the grill
Crack open a cold one. It's going to be a celebration. Steelers/titans fit the bill

SteelerNation it is time for the worlds greatest sports gathering
To give tennessee a brutal, severe *** beating so earth shattering
no where to hide tennessee--no where to run
In our house you won't have a minute of fun

As you begin putting on your gear
You start to sweat and quiver with fear
Tennessee it's time to come face to face and meet your maker
it's time to face the Steelers- a 6x super team that is far much greater

Tennessee it's time to take the field man up and pay the Sixburgh Steelers
The hard hitting, bone crushing, 6x super bowl champs, the Steel defensed dealers
To hell with the final score
Steelers are going to leave the titans walking off the field hurt and sore

Heinz Field, bars, and houses across SteelerNation will hella rock
These :2fingers: are for you titans-get ready to go in to a 6x Steel shock
SteelerNation these :towelwave: :towelwave: are for you-lets begin our stairway to 7
Steelers are the greatest, SteelerNation is the greatest, a combination of sweet heaven

Titans take the field first. As the Steelers are introduced titans fall down among knees
They realize this is no walk in the park and it ain't going to be no breeze
Up above Myron Cope will be waving his Terrible :towelwave: Mr. Rooney's cigar will brightly glow
Mr. Rooney and Mr. Cope up above we love and we know you'll enjoy the show

SteelerNation let our 6 rings and Lombardi's forever shine
It's time to kick tennessee's *** on primetime

Tennessee our shoes you will whiten
You can't hide tennessee, we know you're frightened
Hey SteelerNation? Lets go :postal: some titans.

To all of SteelerNation--lets get this party started. :beer2:

09-10-2009, 08:37 AM
Lets hear from you StillerNation!!! Today is our day.

09-10-2009, 09:47 AM

HERE WE GO STEELERS.....HERE WE GO!!! :bigtowel:

09-17-2009, 06:49 PM
great job scorpio :D