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Hypockloid Champs
08-12-2009, 02:08 AM
Good Morning, Good Evening, or Good Afternoon (depending o where you live) to all Steeler adicts! I would like to take this opportunity to say hello and introduce myself! My name is Bryan or my user name is Hypockloid Champs I have been a fan of the Steelers since Dec 23 1972! For those who don't know that was the day that turned the Steelers fortune to really what it is today or to say a day that will live in infamy (sorry spell?)! Yes I am talking about the "Immaculant Reception"! I was 8 at the time and it was the first game I sat down and watched from beginning to end. And thats when the fever/addiction began! I have to admit I am totally ate up with the addiction! I live what is affectionally called Heinz field west. (in Arizona) Yes I did have a rather interesting Super Bowl this past Year and I have to add it was really brutal the two weeks leading up to the game what :tt02:with all the Cardinal fans here! But as the saying goes for every storm that comes through a ray of sunshine shall follow! And it was a Super Bowl victory to boot! Well I could go on about myself but I will dygress. I looked forward to reading from you fellow Addicts and cussing and disgussing the weekly happenings that go on at the church we call our religion! STEELERS FOOTBALL! Happy Football Gameday to All of You!!!
Hypockloid Champs

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:hiya: :welcome:

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Welcome to SA, Bryan!
Best Steeler site on the web!
Nice to have you. :cope:

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:welcome: Have a blast μμμμμμ

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Sir Blitzelot
08-12-2009, 09:00 PM
:tt02: :welcome: :fever: :tt02:

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:sup: and :welcome:

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Welcome! You're lucky you were able to watch that game back in 72. Those of us who lived in Pittsburgh had to listen to it on a transistor radio with our dad in the living room. What a great memory! :)

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Welcome to SA!

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:welcome: :hiya:

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