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06-03-2009, 01:01 PM
The Don is Back!!


Hey, last year I posted my column on some new team boards. And I felt I really did not do a proper introduction of myself. I decided I would like to do that this year.

As you noticed...I'm The Don, "The Godfather" of predictions. I've been betting on football for the past 13 years. I have been posting my Prediction Columns for 5 years now. I'm a football enthusiast that loves the sport. I am constantly trying to learn every thing I can about the game and what happens each week around the NFL. I love to bet on sports but,I hate to gamble. I study a lot about the teams, injuries, tendencies etc...to try to lower the chance of making a bad pick. I watch at least 12 games per week to learn more about the teams. This allows me to really pay attention to the small details on every team each week. I do this because I love it, and it is my Passion.

I decided that since I put so much study and work into my preparation each week that I wanted to share it with other Football Bloggers. My hope is that it will help you in some way make more focused picks each week.

I have a 64% career record against the spread. Last year I had a down year and finished with. But lets face it, it was a pretty weird year, Miami going 11-5 after going 1-15 the previous year, NE going also 11-5 with out Brady and a QB that hadn't played since High school, Atlanta and Baltimore making the playoffs with rookie QB's, And what can be more weird than Arizona making the playoffs. But I'm really happy about the last one because they made me a lot of Money in their Playoffs run.

Well, the Offseason is almost finally over, we already had the start of FA, the Combine and Draft and most team right now are having their first OTA's and Training camp is just around the corner. So this being the slowest part of the offseason I decided it was time to show myself again.

This year I will be doing a preview analysis of each team I post in their board just to get the motors started. Also I will be back with My Crystal Ball Column each week for you guys that use it, like to read it or just for the ones that want to call me a big Dummy for picking against their team.

And last and more importantly, I'm here to invite all the board members that would like to join to my 4th Annual predictions league which I will explain more in another post.

So GL this season and I will be posting shortly.

The Don.

06-03-2009, 01:09 PM
Hey , i didn't read your post but I do look to read your threads for your insight and good to see you back and checking us out........:yellowthumb: