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Devoted Steeler fan living in Miami by way of New Jersey. Jersey is where I grew up and began loving the Black n Gold when I became fan of the NFL. That was around the end of that '70's dynasty. Lambert and Swann sealed the deal. When I was old enough to play organized ball, first team I tried out for in pop warner was......you guessed it, the Steelers. Went on to play high school ball for the Memorial Tigers. I was rather small guard but busted my *** and was second team honorable mention in in group 4 northern Jersey. Favorite play 28 Rip or 28 trap. Anyway, high school was end of my short career and now live rather play vicariously through various current Steeler players. Up until couple years ago, I would fly up to Jersey where I would pick up buddy of mine then drive to Reading where we would pick up another buddy and continue to Pittsburgh night before game. We would buy polish sweet and spicy sausage and tailgate in the snow before going into stadium of course with small bottle of SoCo to keep the bones warm. Actually now that I remember, last game was more than few years ago, it was a. the Ravens and Fu was our running back. I think it was a playoff game. How awsome!!!

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