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04-28-2009, 08:40 PM
Got this from another board, very good insight on these players:

Kevin McCabe, QB, California (Pa.), 6’2”-220, McCabe is a Virginia transfer that went to the Cal Vulcans where he started his final year (14 games). In that season, McCabe completed over 65 percent of his passes for 3,214 yards, 32 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. McCabe was a Pro Style quarterback coming out of high school. In the very limited tape I have watched, arm strength will probably be an issue. Outlook: Training Camp Arm.

Mike Reilly, QB, Central Washington State, 6’3”-214, Reilly was solid enough at Central Washington that he garnered a combine invite. While his overall attributes did not stand out at the combine, I will mention that he had an excellent cone and shuttle drill, which may help him elude the rush in the pocket. He is a proven quarterback with a strong arm. He has thrown for 12,448 yards and 118 touchdowns, breaking most of Jon Kitna’s passing records. In an interview, he feels he is a fast learner, carried a 3.6 GPA in Mechanical Engineering into his Senior season. He feels his major weakness is his inability to give up on plays, trying to make everyone successful and it bites him. Outlook: Potential Practice Squad and Developmental QB.

Isaac Redman, RB, Bowie State, 5’10”-228, Redman is a thick built runningback that holds his school record with 3,300 yards. Again, a small school guy so the film is limited, but from what I have saw, he has some wiggle in the hole, shows vision to see the lane, and has good speed in the open field. I saw him break a 99-yard touchdown run and the defensive backs were unable to close. On that play, it was a Power-I formation, designed to go strong side, the hole opens in the middle, he breaks two tackles at the point, makes a cut back to the weak side, and outruns the pursuit. I cannot tell you how many arm tackles he ran through in the film. He shows really good feet for a 228-pound back, has some wiggle, uses his hand on the ground to keep his balance, drags guys, can catch from the backfield. It will be interesting to see how this translates to a higher level of competition. Outlook: Should compete with Summers, probably a Practice Squad back.

Steven Black, WR, Memphis, 6’2”-212, Black was the 3rd receiver on the Memphis Tigers roster this season. He has flashed some big games in his career, but while he has size, he is not a blazing guy. He runs in the 4.55 range and has solid, not spectacular hands. He is versatile, being the Wildcat QB for the Memphis Tigers. Outlook: Training Camp Receiver.

Tyler Grisham, WR, Clemson, 5’10”-184, Grisham has good enough hands as a wide receiver, but his long speed is poor (4.65 forty) and he does not show a great deal of quickness. Many of his college catches come when other receivers have created voids and he worked into open areas. He does not jump out in film in any area and offers little in the return game. I would be shocked if he made it onto the field in a preseason game. Outlook: Training Camp Receiver.

Cedric Goodman, WR, Georgia, 6’2”-190, Goodman was listed earlier as Demiko instead of Cedric and the information I can find corresponds with Demiko, but Cedric is listed at the same size from the same college and they play the same position. So, I believe he is #85 for the Bulldogs last season and I have to say, after reviewing about 40 passing plays for Georgia, his body of work is very limited. With that said, he looks bigger than his height/weight numbers. When I see the guy on film, he looks physically bigger than other players, reminding me a little of Terrell Owens in stature. He needs a step or two to get going, not as sudden as Mike Wallace, but once moving, he separates pretty quickly. Does a good job making some tough catches from Stafford (one was high, one behind him on a slant while running full speed). He needs to secure the ball better and could improve as a route runner. He is also a willing blocker and was pretty aggressive in the couple of instances I witnessed. He is a pretty intriguing guy. Outlook: Practice Squad Wide Receiver, Fan Favorite.

Steve McLendon, DT, Troy, 6’1”-306, McLendon is a fireplug of a defensive lineman. He benched 225-31 times, ran a 5.15 forty, but had an excellent cone drill number of 4.45. McLendon is going to be a project if he sticks because he is more of a one gap up the field guy. I watched Troy at Ohio State and McLendon gets too high to often, allowing blockers to get into his chest and control him. He needs to keep his pads lower, use his hands to shake guys, and make the play. He has a lot of work to do to think of making this roster. He does flash at times and he goes from snap to whistle. Outlook: Camp Tackle.

Jeff Bradley, DT, Western Carolina, 6’3”-268, Bradley Is listed in reports at 280, but he was 268 at his Pro Day, so he has added weight to become more attractive to NFL teams. His speed is not elite and his strength numbers are unknown. Much like McLendon, Bradley pops up and makes his chest open to be blocked, then struggles to shed. He is a high motor guy, gives great effort, but is limited athletically with limited upside. Outlook: Camp Tackle.

Ramon Foster, OT, Tennessee, 6’5”-328, Foster is a big right tackle prospect that could kick inside to guard. He shows pretty good footwork and from what I have seen, I was impressed he moved so well for a 328 pound guy. He could improve his strength, hand punch, and overall aggressiveness. While I stated he could move inside to guard, I think his first position is right tackle as I think he may struggle with the power of bigger nose tackles. As a right tackle prospect, he has some tools to work with and could work his way onto a roster. Outlook: Practice Squad

Tom Korte, LB, Hillside (Mich.), 5’11”-236, Korte had pretty solid workout numbers with a 4.76 forty, 21 reps at 225, and a solid cone time of 4.34. His height is less than ideal, but he is a thickly built player that plays a physical brand of football at a lower level. He attacks the ball, plays downhill, runs well, and makes a lot of splash plays. He is a two-time league MVP. Outlook: Practice Squad Linebacker.

Andrew Schantz, LB, Portland State, 6’1”-234, Schantz has similar numbers to Korte. His forty time is 4.71 with 19 reps at 225, and a cone time of 4.34. After watching some limited film, I think that Korte has more short area quickness and is more aggressive. Honestly, when watching the film of Portland State, I can honestly say that may be the worst tackling defense I have saw in a few years. Schantz takes bad angles, misses tackles, is on the ground, gets blocked out of the picture, and just looked bad. Not sure who scouted this guy, but someone needs to put a foot in his ***. Outlook: You are kidding right? You cannot still be reading about him. Camp Body.

Derrick Richardson, S, New Mexico State, 5’10”-201, Richardson ran a 4.64 at his Pro Day and his cone drill was a 4.42, those numbers are fine for a linebacker, but are pretty poor for a defensive back. His long speed is a question and his quickness is worse than the undrafted inside linebackers we signed. I just watched some film of him versus Nebraska. He is aggressive and wants to support the run, but he over pursues, struggles to take down backs alone, gets fooled in coverage, and when he gets blocked, he stays that way. To be a 201 pound guy, he does not look that big, reminds me of a less athletic Hank Poteat. Outlook: Again, you continue to read this far? Camp Body.

Mark Estermeyer,LS,Pitt, 6’1”-251-Estermeyer was considered one of the three best long-snappers available in this draft and the top guy was drafted. The Steelers have both long-snappers dealing with injuries. If Estermeyer can prove he can handle the spotlight, he is a cheaper alternative and could find his way on the roster. Outlook: Depends on injuries and the salary cap.

04-29-2009, 10:13 AM
I like a lot of the free agents all though I think the majority of them probably wont make it anywhere. I do have to say though I am in my last year at Cal U and its awesome to have talked to and played madden against a Kid Kevin McCabe who got picked up by the steelers.