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04-26-2009, 09:14 PM
32. Evander "Ziggy" Hood, NT/DE, Missouri (grade C-)

I have to say I'm a bit puzzled with this pick. Of course I hope my gut is wrong on Hood. I see Hood as a real tweener in a 3-4. He's not your ideal height to play DE and not the ideal weight to play NT. I have to believe their plan is to bulk him up and teach him to play NT. There has been a lot said that this could be Casey Hampton's final year as a Steelers, which would leave a huge hole in the defense. I think Hood may have been a rare reach out of need for the Steelers. The lack of solid NT prospects this year and also projecting next year could have been a motivating factor. My biggest problem with the pick is Hood's weaknesses appear to be vital ingredients for a defensive linemen in a 3-4. Hood does not take on blocks very well and plays more like a penetrating DT than a run stuffer or block eater. Non the less Hood is a high character guy and a Steelers guy. He does have some upside and hopefully with some development he can prove many of us wrong in years to come.

79. Kraig Urbik, OG/RT, Wisconsin (grade D)

Kraig Urbik is another pick I'm not very happy about. Again, hopefully I'm wrong. Based on my personal rankings, Urbik was drafted about 15-20 spots too high. More so than that, I feel there were better options out there. I do feel in time Urbik can become a quality player at either guard or right tackle (likely guard), but he is in essence their 2nd round pick and just not a good value in my opinion as their 2nd pick.

84. Mike Wallace, WR, Mississippi (grade B-)

Personally I would have gone a different direction with this pick, but it is still a solid pick non the less. With the Steelers looking to replace Nate Washington, Wallace is a very good fit. Physically Wallace is very comparable to Washington. The direction I would have prefered would to get someone a little different than Washington. My pick would have been Mike Thomas, WR, Arizona.

96. Keenan Lewis, CB, Oregon State (grade A)

This is a pick I like a lot. I think the Steelers got very good value here (I ranked him 78th overall) and fill a need. Lewis is in my eyes one of the more underated prospects in this class. I was very impressed with him at the Senior Bowl, and he looks like a potential starter in time.

168. Joe Burnett, CB/KR, Central Florida (grade A+)

My favorite pick of the Steelers draft. Burnett can flat out play and was a huge steal in my eyes (I ranked him 96th overall) and the Steelers best value of the draft. Burnett not only fills a need at CB, but is the only player in the country who was in the top 10 of both kick returns and punt returns. Burnett could also project as a free safety. Burnett and Lewis could be a future tandem with a lot of potential.

169. Frank Summers, FB/RB, Nevada-Las Vegas (grade B-)

This is a pick I like a lot, but they could have probably gotten a tad later. Summers potentially could replace both Cary Davis and Gary Russell which could save a roster spot. Summers fits in nicely as a lead blocker and a short yardage back.

205. Ra'Shon Harris, DE, Oregon (pick B+)

At this point in the draft you can only hope to get decent value on someone who has some upside and fits a need, Harris does that. Harris will be a developmental player who we probably won't hear much about for a few years. Fortunately the Steelers are still a few years away from needing a new starter at DE. Harris may or may not be that guy, but he's got solid potential and is a nice fit for the 3-4.

226. A.Q. Shipley, C, Penn State (pick A)

Gotta love this pick. Shipley looked like a kid who would land somewhere in the 4th-5th round range, so the Steelers get good value here non the less. Who can complain about the Steelers getting a kid from Coraopolis, Pa. Ironically Shipley reminds me of someone I played with in Coraopolis, Pa at Robert Morris named Hank Fraley. Fraley started his career with the Steelers and was lights out in training camp, but became a numbers casulty and was cut by the Steelers. Fraley has had a solid career with the Eagles and the Browns.

241. David Johnson, TE, Arkansas State (grade D)

Not really much to say here, Johnson is somebody I know nothing about.

Overall Grade: B-

K Train
04-26-2009, 09:21 PM
im just hoping for mount cody next year already lol

04-27-2009, 08:15 PM
could not agree w/ ya more on burnett ..watched this guy play a lot .. before people found out he was 5'9 he was on some boards as the 10th or so best corner ... him and wallace will be such an improvement on ST