View Full Version : Cornelius Lewis Scouting report

K Train
03-30-2009, 01:57 PM
Usually i dont really put much stock into what draft sites have to say about a player but i do like draftcountdown and i think scott wright is one of my favorite draft guys and ive been curious to what he has to say about lewis and it was just put up today

Good size and great bulk...Very athletic...Quick and agile...Has nimble feet...Excellent mobility and range...Strong and powerful...Stout at the point of attack...Gets a good push in the run game...Tough, physical and aggressive...Plays with a nasty demeanor...Offers some versatility.

Did not play against elite competition...Inconsistent...Doesn't always utilize proper leverage...Will struggle to protect the edge...Doesn't use his hands well...Isn't a great technician...Has some character concerns.

Began his college career at Florida State...Redshirted in 2004 then saw extensive action and even got a handful of starts in 2005...Was twice suspended by the Seminoles for rules violations and fighting before ultimately being dismissed from the team...Did not play at all in 2006...Joined the TSU Tigers in 2007 and immediately assumed a starting job at right tackle...Moved to left tackle in 2008...Twice named 1st Team All-Ohio Valley Conference...Also earned numerous Division I-AA All-American honors as a senior...Will likely kick inside to offensive guard at the next level...Played at a small school but is definitely a big-time talent...Top sleeper with intriguing physical tools.


03-30-2009, 06:31 PM
Sounds like a guard to me, but I think he looked good at the combine in the tackle drills. Maybe he is a guard and he could replace our guards from day one. Anouther thing that makes me think guard is he is strong as hell with 29 reps on the bench that is more then big *** Johnson did.

03-31-2009, 12:42 PM
I, too, like to look at their bench reps for some sign of strength.

But, didn't the Steelers sign some FA "weight room sueprstar," two eyars ago, ILB out of Ohio State. But he couldn't move on the field?