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Hawk Believer
11-02-2006, 02:58 PM
From ESPN.com

Housh your mouth: Radio host fired after spat with WRESPN.com news services
Longtime Cincinnati sports radio commentator Andy Furman was fired Wednesday, nearly a month after calling Bengals wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh a "racist" during station WLW's weeknight sports talk show, according to a report Wednesday in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Furman made the comments on Oct. 6, one day after Houshmandzadeh failed to make a scheduled, paid appearance on the show.

Clear Channel, the company that owns WLW, made the decision to dismiss Furman, according to his attorney.

During the show on Oct. 6, Furman accused Houshmandzadeh of calling him a "punk-a-- white boy," according to the newspaper.

Houshmandzadeh denied making that remark.

"I told him, 'Andy Furman, you can f--- yourself.' That's the bottom line. And he twisted it into all whatever he wants to," Houshmandzadeh said. "What he did was wrong ... This time he took it too far."

Furman, along with other WLW personalities, has a history of making controversial and inflammatory comments on the air. The station has led the Cincinnati-area ratings for more than six years, according to the paper.

I wonder who is telling the truth in this he said/she said? Great headline though...

11-02-2006, 06:49 PM
Ok, the radio announcer says something against a bengals player and then he gets fired... Maybe he should have called him a Steeler lover, that would have gotten him fired even quicker :lol: