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03-11-2009, 02:19 AM
From KDKA and Dave Crawley - Poetry in Motion


I found this poem on KDKA written by Dave Crawley. It is all about the parade celebrating number 6!!! Thought you all would enjoy it!

Poetry In Motion: The Steelers Parade
By Dave Crawley

What possesses these people....the black and the gold...
To leave their warm houses to stand in the cold?
What possesses these zealots to leave a warm nest?
These fanatics quite clearly are Steeler possessed.

Some arrived early for good lines of sight:
"I came in from Indianapolis last night."
All night in line and still lookin' purty.
"What time did you get here? About 3:30."

Nine hours later, parade's underway.
Could that be Coach Tomlin? He's smiling today!
Coach Dick LeBeau waves at towels unfurled.
"These are the greatest fans in the world."

To prove that this rally is really a rarity,
Players are taping the fans for posterity.
Even the quarterback savors the win.
"It's awesome. This is when it starts to set in."

Hines on a rooftop. The crowd shouts with glee.
Oh no.! Now he's standing! Look out for that knee!
Farrior couldn't resist stepping down.
The fans are delighted. High fives all around.

Now, as the Super Bowl trophy's appearing.
They don't have much trouble with hearing the cheering.
Pour the champagne, and raise up the cup.
"It's not what you've been through but where you end up."

Cheering and screaming, fans screeched themselves screechless.
"Steeler nation, you leave us all speechless."
It's a black and gold lovefest. A sweet slice of heaven.
Sixburgh make way... For the stairway to seven.

heres the linK: http://kdka.com/steelers/Steelers.Pa....2.930772.html

Sir Blitzelot
03-11-2009, 09:14 AM
That was a nice read, thanks for sharing! :clap:

03-11-2009, 09:14 AM
I really liked that Steeler Nation is the BEST :tt02: