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02-27-2009, 03:25 PM
Steelers going for continuity
February 27, 2009 2:16 PM
Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

The Pittsburgh Steelers made their first move of the day by re-signing offensive guard Chris Kemoeatu. ESPN's John Clayton reports the deal is for five years and $20 million.

Pittsburgh now has two returning starters from last year signed in Kemoeatu and tackle Max Starks, who was given the franchise tag. Tackle Willie Colon also was given a first-round tender on Thursday, so he will likely be the third returning free agent from the offensive line of the defending Super Bowl champions.

After convincing Kemoeatu to return, this likely means the Steelers won't do anything drastic in free agency when it comes to upgrading their offensive line. Expect Pittsburgh to attempt to add better competition with this much-maligned unit through the draft.

OK, who called it?

02-27-2009, 03:42 PM
That's alot of dough! :eek1:

02-27-2009, 04:19 PM
I read on another website that Kemo actually took less money to stay with the Steelers, which is noble, if true. The Jets were interested in him. I don't know what to think, the line looks like it will stay basically the same. I think they improved in pass protection as the season progressed but besides a few good showings against weaker teams, they didn't get much push in the running game. I guess we'll see.

02-27-2009, 04:19 PM
Well let's all pray for Ben's sake that these guys play alot better next season..Hopefully now that Keamotu has a year experience under his belt as a starter he will play better..he did show some flashes this past season..has a hell of a mean streak.Big Ben better stock up on the Tylenol..could be another rough year in 09.

02-27-2009, 09:58 PM
The thing is the O line was meshing pretty well by the end of the season..hell if they can keep Ben to 1 or 2 sack during the Super bowl I think they stand a pretty good chance of only getting better! Ben seems to have faith in them...we should to!:yellowthumb:

02-27-2009, 10:16 PM
Guys no matter how bad we think they played alot of the year..you can't just let our entire OL go. You have to have some stability. Now let's draft some young talent up front on the OL and DL.

02-27-2009, 10:31 PM
Guys no matter how bad we think they played alot of the year..you can't just let our entire OL go. You have to have some stability. Now let's draft some young talent up front on the OL and DL.

that's not what everyone is pissed about...it's that they are bringing back all starting 5 and paying out some pretty good money for mediocrity.I just vowed on another post not to hate on the Oline anymore..lol, that lasted 1 minute. Okay..i'm done now. again.

02-27-2009, 10:45 PM
I don't hate or like the resigning, but hope we draft well in the OL this year.

Iron City South
02-27-2009, 11:46 PM
Damn, I was hoping for a Kemo-less line next year. The guy is a 2nd teamer .... nothing more.

02-28-2009, 06:47 PM
Yes there line was absolutly terrible this year...toughest schedual of the year and won the superbowl. All this was acomplished with not one block being thrown. :thinking: wait a minute somebody was blocking during all those games we won? Did anybody see who it was :helmet: lol you guy's need some cheese with that

02-28-2009, 07:19 PM
wosre come to worse, well have the same OL that we finished the season with... they did improve towards the end...

im trying to think positive here :lol:

02-28-2009, 09:17 PM
Well maybe they will have Kemo playing Rt guard an Stapelton playing lt guard, it might work because both of them were playing out of position last year IMO, the Jets wanted Kemo to be there right guard, so maybe just maybe Tomlin is gonna reshuffle the line again:dunno:, i know we don't make an big splash in FA, but i thought they would've looked at J.Brown of the Rats, i just heard he signed with the Rams :rant2:

02-28-2009, 09:21 PM
i shocked.
i (along with most) felt like this was our weak link. why not go for improvement

02-28-2009, 09:56 PM
I hope he improves this year. I like Keamotu. At 6-3 344 lbs he's a beast.