View Full Version : O-lineman Under Contract Next Year

02-12-2009, 09:25 PM
Justin Hartwig (C) is signed through 2009
Tony Hills (OT) is signed through 2010
Kendall Simmons (G) is signed through 2011
Darnell Stapleton (G) is signed through 2009

Willie Colon is a Restricted Free Agent which means that we are stuck with him because if another team made him an offer and he accepted it they would owe us a draft pick. Nobody is going to break the bank and give up a high draft pick for Willie Colon.

Trai Essex
Chris Kemoeatu
Marvel Smith
Max Starks

All of the above are unrestricted free agents. We obviously cannot afford to part with all of these guys. I would like to see them sign Max Starks to a 4 year deal and keep him at LT. Maybe resign Essex to a 1 year deal for insurance. That would bring back 7 of 9 Lineman from last year. Which would allow us to draft and sign 2 new guys to that line. Rome wasn't built in a day! If they make the O-line a priority again next year we can infuse some more youthful talent and should be good to go for awhile after that. We definitely shouldn't overpay to keep these guys. :nono:

02-12-2009, 10:30 PM
damn. colon just had a false start.

maybe in the off season someone can teach this guy to count.